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Vampire Justice Part 10

"Molly gets to punish Carlo. Eran tracks Molly in the country. Steve experiences changes."
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Published 7 years ago
Sebastian re-entered the cell with the door unlocked. Molly watched; as he changed back to the big man, everyone loved. They smiled at each other and blew a kiss. Molly walked out of the area and returned to the pub. Carlo noticed Molly's return and saw her smile. Molly went to the bar, got her flute of apple juice and sat at her table.

Carlo smiled, as he watched the crowd move to the Irish music. This was his night. He would score with the new victim and Molly would not know it. His heart sped up in anticipation of this new conquest. He was on break shortly and that was the time to strike.

It was break time and Carlo left his place at the door. One of the fey took his place, as he walked to the end of the bar. He grabbed a short pint and walked to the elevator. He drank his ale and left the glass in the kitchen. He hurried to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. What he failed to notice was that an invisible Molly stood beside him. When the doors opened, she rushed into the elevator, as he entered.

Molly slowed her breathing and was as stealthy as she could be. A smile crossed Carlo's face, as he thought he outsmarted Molly. The doors opened and Carlo exited followed closely by Molly. Molly lagged behind and watched Carlo, as he cautiously approached the cell. The big man, Sebastian rolled over in the bed faking sleep. Carlo hung on the cell bars and watched the big man.

Carlo walked to the couch and started to remove his clothes. The big man moved swiftly out of the cell and attacked Carlo, while his back was turned. Carlo grunted, but gave no resistance to the onslaught. The big man ripped the clothes off Carlo. When he was naked, the big man forced Carlo to his knees facing him. The lust he felt was prominent to Carlo's eyes. Carlo knew what the big man wanted.

A desperate look of fear crossed Carlo's eyes, as he stared at the big man. The big man knew Molly watched them. He sensed her presence, when she walked down the hall. He smiled and looked in her direction. He positioned himself closely in front of the kneeling Carlo. He looked down at Carlo's eyes and pointed. Carlo complied, but soon had trouble finishing the task. Sebastian was truly a big man. Carlo almost passed out, but the big man picked him up and threw him on the couch.

The big man picked him up and put him on all fours. Carlo protested, but the big man continued. Just as the big man prepared to satisfy his lust, Molly appeared beside him and stopped the punishment. Carlo fell onto the couch breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath and calm down. He looked at Molly, as she laughed at him. The big man beside Molly shape shifted into Sebastian, the incubus.

Carlo sat up slowly. He was sore and hurting. The big man broke his resolve. Molly punished him well for his indiscretions. Humiliation flooded his body and he felt exposed as an evil fey. He felt that taking advantage of Molly's victims was a big mistake. Now all he wanted was to get out of there quickly. Molly stood towering over him. She gestured to Sebastian.

"Carlo, have you met my incubus friend, Sebastian? He was passing through town and felt like a pint or two. Imagine how he felt, when he discovered fey in the area. He knew that there had to be a succubus about. He stayed until I appeared."

"I am not sorry for the punishment you took. You deserved it after Molly and I talked. I enjoyed it and would do it again. Now I have to get my reward for your humiliation. Molly, by your leave, I will take one of the barmaids in the pub."

Sebastian walked away to the pub and took one of the buxom blonde barmaids out of the pub. Carlo sat on the couch horrified that Molly would allow that. Molly acted as if it did not matter. They were just the hired help and meant nothing to her.

"Aren't you going to stop him? He will kill that young woman! Doesn't she deserve better than this? Don't you have a heart or a soul?"

"It is your fault this happened. You have been sampling each victim I find. Do you think that was right? You took Sean several times. I tried to punish you, but you did not learn. You made me resort to these tactics. Sebastian was just an "innocent" partner, just someone to teach you a lesson. Now you know how I feel. What have you learned?"

"I ... I learned not to cross you. You are an evil vindictive woman. I have stolen from you and you punished me severely for it. I will never forget that big man. He was dangerous. Isn't there anything I can do to prevent that young woman's death?"

Molly smiled. She knew Sebastian would not kill the young woman. He might drain a few years from her life, but that was all. She wanted Carlo to feel poorly before she told him the truth. She wanted him to suffer because of what he did to her. It was her time for revenge. It tasted so sweet.

Maria and Gwen stayed with Steve a while longer to comfort him and to make sure he was all right. When they first arrived, Steve appeared dazed and confused. As Maria held him, the confusion subsided and he knew the two women. He drifted in and out of sleep in Maria's arms. Gwen tried to comfort both of them, but her anger spilled out and infected Steve.

Steve absorbed the anger and it fed on his psyche. An invisible change came over Steve that neither Maria nor Gwen saw. Some of Molly's powers passed to Steve. He fed on Maria's sorrow and Gwen's anger. His feeding strengthened Molly's transferred powers inside him.

He felt the urge to shift to a healthier happy man. He wanted to be invisible. He heard Maria's dreams and knew what she really wanted for him. He thought he was dreaming, but it was real. He fell asleep in Maria's arms. That was the last he remembered, until he woke in the morning.

Steve woke in the morning feigning sickness, but also being charming to the nurses. They found him handsome and doted on him all morning. His new powers grew and felt comfortable. He read the dreams of the nurses attending him. With his new found handsome looks, the nurses wanted to keep him in the hospital and spend as much time as possible with him.

It was time to use another of his powers. When the nurses left his room, he became invisible and sat in his visitor chair. He watched as a nurse entered, but found him gone. She searched the room and adjoining bath. She raised an alarm quickly.

Steve moved to the bath, became visible and entered the room as security arrived. The nurse became very embarrassed and scurried back to her duties. Steve felt good about his game. His pernicious side took over, as he snickered at security.

Later in the day, Maria came to the hospital to take Steve home. Maria noticed the extra attention paid to Steve. She felt drawn to him more than she ever had in the past. The nurses tripped over each other to make his departure the easiest. Maria noticed no woman could take her attention away from him. She hurried to get him home.

When they arrived at the condominium, Maria helped Steve up the stairs into the living room. He flopped onto the couch and lay immobile while Maria closed the door and put away his stuff from the hospital. Maria joined him and looked into his eyes. What she saw was a tired man, but she missed a malevolent flash that crossed his face.

The resident evil within him grew more, but failed to take him over completely. He rested his head on her shoulders and whispered, "It is good to be home, my love. I need to take a nap. I will be fine in a couple of hours." That was not Steve speaking, but the being inside him taking over quietly.

Eran settled in at a large oak desk at VJS headquarters. As she took her tools out of her briefcase, her laptop buzzed. One of the searches she ran found something. She quickly took her laptop and opened it. Flashing on the screen was a message, which she waited patiently for, the last two days. One of the two people popped up on the screen. It was Molly. Eran saved all the information displayed and continued the search. Within minutes, the search found Carlo too. Eran was elated that she found where and when Molly and Carlo entered the country.

She brought the two forms submitted by the immigrants up on the large screen in front of her. They came on the same flight from Shannon, Ireland on the same day. They passed through Customs at JFK. The most interesting piece of information that caught Eran's eye was that they listed the same address of residence in New York City where they stayed. That link placed the two of them together. She made a note of that fact.

She examined the forms but nothing else jumped out at her. She called Kevin and Slade over to see the forms. "These are the immigration records Molly and Carlo entered when they came to New York City. I noted that they listed the same residential address, but that was all. Did I miss anything that you can see?"

Kevin and Slade shook their heads. They were unfamiliar with the forms. Nothing they saw stood out. Slade thought for a moment. He had a friend at ICE who might help them. He gave Eran an email address and asked her to send the forms there. He called his friend and asked her to look at them and email back her conclusions.

In less than ten minutes, an email returned to Eran's computer. Following a suggestion to isolate all the forms from that flight and check all the forms, brought up several interesting facts. The major one that stood out was that one female and thirteen male passengers listed the same residential address in New York City as their destination. The female was Molly and one of the males was Carlo. That was an interesting find. Eran saved all the records found.

She concluded that Molly traveled with her fey to the country on that flight. They stayed together and lived there in New York City together before they moved to the city. The date of their arrival preceded the first mysterious death in New York by a few days. Eran had some answers, but many more questions rose from the new data.

Eran wondered what to do. She had ties to the killings in New York City. Should she report them? Would they be enough to help New York police solve the cases? Maybe Slade would know.

"We have enough proof for New York to solve the cases of the deaths there. Should we send it along to them?" She asked Slade.

He pondered the question for a few minutes. "Have we contacted anyone in New York about our cases and how they are similar to theirs?"

"No, not yet, do you think we should?"

"I think we need to gather more evidence here first. Can you do some more digging about in New York to follow the movements of Molly and her friends?"

"I will try, but it may take some time."

"That is all we have, time. Nothing new has happened and we are just gathering data. Look around and see what you can find."

"Ok, Kevin and I will work on it."

Eran printed out all the immigration forms and filed the electronic ones in the online case folder. She did not know what to do next, but that did not stop her searches. She continued to search for the ownership record trails on the two properties associated with the case. The records were long and obfuscated. Most led to dummy corporations and people that never existed. Someone went to great lengths to hide the true owners.

Kevin moved a chair next to Eran to work with her more closely. While the ownership search ground on, he asked, "Why don't we look at property records in New York for businesses owned by Molly Callahan? That might help solidify our cases."

"I will do that, but I want to see where that address really is in New York City. I suspect it is near some major construction projects. Then we can look at taverns and pubs in the area that changed hands about that time." Eran countered.

Kevin agreed. He watched as Eran used Google Maps to look at the area. Immediately evident were the several buildings wrapped with canvas and large cranes. They found the reason Molly selected the area. Now to find any liquor license transfers around that date. It took a bit longer but there was a transfer of license to a Fog on the Heath Limited. It happened a week after Molly arrived. A search of the owners of record listed only one, Molly Callahan.

Eran thought, we got her. Her mind contradicted her though. She still had not done anything wrong. It was just a trail of legal things, she accomplished, after she came into the country. Everything she did was legal and public record. She came here and did the same thing. She saved these records if only to show a pattern of behavior. Eran felt discouraged, but kept on looking.

She spent two hours searching public records in New York City but found nothing more. She was about to give up when Kevin asked, "Have you looked at the records about the address they stayed at in New York? That might lead to something more."

"I never thought of that. Thank you for suggesting that. I knew there was a reason why I kept you around." She said with a wicked smile. Kevin pushed her and she bounced back against him.

She switched her search to the residence and followed a trail of ownership changes. The only thing that jumped out were most of the owners were former residents of Shannon Ireland. That was the same area where Molly and her friends originated. Could there be a tie there? Eran would have to check the past owners in the Shannon Ireland records. That would take a lot of time because not all the records were on computers. She thought for a minute and decided that might be something Maria could help with doing.

Eran sat back. She sighed as she leaned against Kevin. He caressed her hair feeling her relax. The work she did on the computer made her tense. The excitement of following an electronic data trail can be frustrating, but can yield results quickly. Most searches were dead ends, but they eliminated many areas of searching. Eran gathered a lot of background material, which was innocent, but established Molly as a very calculating and careful opponent. She was a real challenge to the fledgling new joint police squad.

As Eran finished, the sky darkened with evening, waking Connie and Leona from their day sleep. Connie came first to the new squad room area. She looked around, spied Eran and Kevin and joined them. "How was the day?" She innocently asked.

Eran mumbled, "It was fine. We got a lot of background data on Molly and her entourage, but nothing pointing to anything illegal."

Connie nodded, "Anyone for a cup of tea?"

Eran replied cheerfully, "That would be wonderful. Make enough that Leona can have a cup too."

"You got it." Connie walked off to make tea. Eran's eyes followed the woman's light gait as she left.

Shortly after Connie left, Leona approached Eran. She looked at the pile of paper on the desk and asked, "Anything incriminating there? Have we gathered enough to arrest Molly?"

"Sadly, we gathered more background about Molly and her activity after entering the country. She appears on paper to be a model immigrant. She landed in New York City with a permanent address. She established a business and ran it successfully, nothing wrong even in the records of ownership."

"Have you looked at her financial records? How did she pay for the pub? How did she obtain her licenses to operate? If it was cash, where did it originate?"

Eran perked up so fast, she almost fell off her chair. She had not thought of that aspect of Molly's life. Being an immigrant meant that she had to have limited funds when she arrived. That was a crucial part of her life. She would not have cash to buy a pub or license to operate. Someone else who was already established helped her. Who was her silent partner?

"How did you know to look at her financial records?" Eran asked Leona.

"Gustaf and Andrei provided financial backing to several vampires who immigrated to the city. They made personal loans to these people to get them started with an agreement to share in the gross profits of the businesses. The borrowers paid back the loans, but the money continues to come in from them every month. It is a great source of funds that grows each month."

Eran sat up and swung her chair in Leona's direction. Leona looked at her and saw the most excited smile on her face. Eran's eyes sparkled and her lips turned up with such a wide smile. Leona provided a whole new place to search for data that may give clues to some illegal activity, which they could use to arrest Molly. This may be a break, which would open wide the case.

"Tea is ready," Connie shouted from the break area. Eran jumped from her chair and skipped to the room. Leona swiftly followed laughing at Eran's movements.

Slade watched the two exchanges that took place. He was proud of the group of people who made up this new squad. They seemed to mesh like the gears on a finely designed and built clock. Everything fit well and no one broke the trust and respect that existed. He walked to Kevin and suggested they join the women before they take over the squad.

As Slade entered the break room, Eran asked, "Can we use Maria to assist in searching the financial records of Molly in both locations? She knows more about financial matters than I do."

"Sure, give her a call. She would be a nice addition to the squad."

Eran called Maria, but before she could ask anything, Maria answered out of breath. "What's the matter Maria? You sound as if you have run a marathon."

"It's Steve. He took a nap. When he woke up, he yelled crazy things. He was like a different person. I am afraid of him. Can you and the squad come over here?"

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