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A Double Date

A Double Date

Karen, Janice, Henry and I go on a double date.

Karen and I set up our first double date for Saturday night. It confuses me, but Karen feels it is perfect. She and I will not be dates. She wants to date Henry and I get to date her best friend, Janice. Karen and I live on the same street two houses away.

We have been friends since we were three years old. When we started school, Janice became our friend. Now we are seniors in high school. We spent all our school years together. We walk to school and home together. It is a loose friendship, but we keep it together.

I have a suspicion that my date is Janice. Janice and I tolerate each other. As far as Karen's parents know, Karen and I will date on Saturday. They do not approve of her dating someone they do not know. We agree to date, to get her out for a date with Henry. Deceiving her parents is not my idea, but I go along with it.

Saturday night I walk from my house to Karen's house. I meet with her parents, while she finishes her preparations. We explain where we will spend time on the double date. They approve of all and wish us a good night. Karen and I walk back to my family's car and drive to get Janice and then Henry. Karen smiles and pokes me in the side.

She takes my hand and leans up against me close. I hear her say, "Thank you, this means a lot to me tonight." She kisses my cheek, which leaves me warm all over.

We drive to Janice's house. Karen goes in to get her. They come running out of the house. Karen sits in the back seat. Janice enters the car and slides in the seat until she is against me. She puts her arm over my shoulder and rests her head on me. I feel a little conspicuous sitting there. She and I are friends, but we never think about dating.

Karen taunts us from the back seat. She says, "You guys are the perfect couple." Janice giggles, I shrug. I drive quickly to Henry's house and get Henry. He goes to sit in front, but finds Janice there. He slowly looks into the back seat and sees Karen waiting. She pats the seat beside her and Henry reluctantly gets in beside her. Karen drapes herself onto Henry who slowly warms up to her.

There is no radio in the car. As I drive, Janice, Karen and Henry talk about school and classes. I listen and occasionally add some witty remark. They seem to be hitting it off as a couple and Janice feels good with me.

We choose the Colonial Bowling Center close to our houses to spend an evening bowling. This is a Candlepin lane. It uses small balls and tall thin pins. I bowl this type as part of a Saturday morning league. This type of bowling relies on the skill of the bowler and the speed and force used to throw the ball. Janice and I team up to take on Henry and Karen in a friendly game.

The first string is close, as Janice and Karen tie. I barely beat Henry, but Janice is happy to win. As I bowl, I feel something strange with my pants. I ignore it and continue to bowl. Janice takes her turn. Karen steps up to bowl and throws a gutter ball frame. Everyone laughs at it. Henry bowls a spare and Karen hugs him.

My turn is next. I need at least to match Henry's frame to stay slightly ahead. I stand at the edge of the alley lining up my shot. I proceed to move forward, bending over to get a smooth release. As I release the ball, I shift my weight and right leg to sweep behind me. This action causes my pants finally to split down the seam from the back of my belt to the base of my zipper.

I watch as my ball hits the head pin in the pocket and all the pins fall down with a strike. I spin around to look at the group, but all I see is them laughing. I feel my pants in the back and run to the men's room with my jacket in hand. As I ponder what to do next, I decide that it is not the end of the world. I can wrap my jacket around my waist and tie the arms as a belt. The date can go on nothing lost.

I return, my face blushing heavily. Janice takes my hand and we sit together smiling. Wearing the jacket, as a skirt helps to give me freedom to win the second string easily. We decide to call it quits for bowling and leave the lanes quietly.

When we get into the car, we burst out laughing at the whole incident. Not sure if the date ends here, we decide to go to our favorite place and get some hot dogs, french fries and shakes. The place is 'Hot Dog Annie's.' It is a small shack like building with picnic tables outside for customers. It has a limited menu, but it is the best around. We get four hot dogs, two orders of fries and four chocolate shakes.

Janice and Karen lay out the hot dogs and fries. Henry and I carry the shakes. I watch Henry sit beside Karen. I wish I could sit with her instead. Janice touches my arm and I jerk my hand away. The shake I carry falls forward pouring out on Janice. The front of her top and her slacks absorb most of the liquid.

She screams, "It is so cold. Help me please." Karen moves toward Janice. I freeze and Henry jumps up to get napkins to wipe things off.

We clean it all up, but Janice cries. Karen comforts her and I feel like such a dweeb. I feel as if I should crawl into the ground. I ruin the mood and the night is a total disaster. Janice calms down and eats her hot dog and some fries. I get her another shake, but place it carefully near her. I sit at the end of the table far away from her.

As we sit there, Janice slowly moves down the bench to get beside me. She leans her head on my shoulder, as an act of forgiveness. I wrap my arm around her shoulders. We finish our snack. It is after 10:00 p.m. We decide that it is time to go home. I help clean the table and escort Janice to the car. She slides in and waits for me to get in. Karen and Henry linger outside the car.

Henry wants to kiss Karen, but she does not get it. As he moves in to kiss her, she pushes away from him. He trips over a tree root and sits on the ground with Karen on top of him. They kiss and get up laughing. They climb in the back seat and make out, as if they are pros at it. I watch through the mirror, as they kiss and the passion rises. Karen sees me looking. She pushes Henry away. Henry looks at me with angry eyes.

I drive first to Janice's house. I walk her to her door. As we walk up the stairs to her door, I trip and fall on my face. As I sit on the stair, Janice sits beside me. "This is a disaster date, isn't it? Should we try this again soon?" She lays her head on my shoulder. I turn and kiss her cheek.

I turn to face her, "I am game, if you are. Let's just think about it."

"That sounds good. Maybe just you and I can go out next time. I would like that," says Janice.

I shake my head and stand up. We walk to her door. I take her hands, lean in and kiss her lips. When we finish, she opens the door, smiles and enters her house. I walk quickly back to the car and find Henry and Karen wrapped together making out.

I drive to Henry's house next. He and Karen continue to kiss. I cough to remind them it is time to stop. They get out of the car and Henry walks to his door. He turns and waves to Karen, as she slides in the front seat. Rather than hug the door, she slides over to get beside me.

I drive to my house, park the car. Before I get out, Karen reaches for me and kisses me smiling. "Thank you for tonight. It makes me happy to know you can be such a good friend. It was a good time."

We slide out of the car. We walk toward her house. She grabs my hand and holds it tightly. She does not want to go home, but her parents want her in by 11:00. It is close to that. We stand at the foot of the stairs to her front door. I hold her hands. She leans forward and kisses my cheek.

Is it a good night? I wonder, as I walk back to my house. I will let you decide.

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