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1 year ago

Back Without Regret

Music takes him back over many years

That’s it. Breakfast dishes all cleared away. Cups neatly stacked, in the lower cupboard, Cereal bowls alongside with the plates. Now, why do I find something so menial satisfying? Oh, don’t I know the reason very well? It’s a form of security. Just like...

Anonymous 3 years ago

Date night

Every evening with the one you love

I would love to kiss your lips when they're moist with wine and painted red with desire. Gaze into your eyes where your love smolders glowing with passions fire. Feel your bodies warm alabaster flesh burn against mine in a romantic embrace imaging strands...

7 years ago

A Double Date

Karen, Janice, Henry and I go on a double date.

Karen and I set up our first double date for Saturday night. It confuses me, but Karen feels it is perfect. She and I will not be dates. She wants to date Henry and I get to date her best friend, Janice. Karen and I live on the same street two houses away...

7 years ago

Mixed messages

He came to her, but who was the second choice?

He entered their room online and she smiled and said, “Hi.” He simply replied, “I have something important to ask you...” Noticing he sounded nervous, she asked, “What?” “Umm... how would you like to go out with me?” In shock and needing a little time, sh...

7 years ago

Date with Kitty

Strange things happen when a girl isn't ready......

Picking up my galWe're going on a dateI'm 5 minutes early Always hate to be late. Greets me in her housecoatA peck, Please take a seatGive me just a minuteShe leaves in a heartbeat. I sit on the sofaAnticipation at lastAnd then I noticedNot alone, here's...

Douche bags will be douche bags. We have all probably had a time in our life when someone makes us feel completely vulnerable and used. This date story is a prime example of that. So, there was this guy I was mutual friends with who I was also very attrac...

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8 years ago

Beer Goggles

A poem from the past reminds me that being a single 20-something sure was fun. (And not-so-fun.)

Yes, it sucks to sleep alone.Wouldn't we all like a warm body beside us?To cuddle, to kissthe affection we missCould I give it to youtonight?Oh, how I want toand if drunk I just might.But during this episode of sobrietyI'll pass.Next time you ask(if you a...

9 years ago

Dudley, the Loser

Dudley could meet the woman of his dreams; the one who would chase his lonliness go away.

Dudley was divorced. He had been divorced for two years. His wife Nadine had been cheating on him. With a toll taker, of all things. A toll taker named Ivan, who was fifteen years her junior. She had been cheating with Ivan for five years. Five freakin' y...