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A poet and story teller, Anu Lal has been a blogger for more than four years. His blog, The Indian Commentator is one of India’s leading blogs. He keeps another active blog, which is dedicated for freelance writing solutions and helping beginners with their writing problems. The blog is called Bountiful Word. A translator and a writer, he also works as a Lecturer in English at College of Applied Science, Cannanore, in Kerala, South India.

The first book in his ‘Tales from India Trilogy’, titled “Wall of Colours” is in the final stages of its publication.
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Let Me See if I Still Can

This poem is inspired by fear of being silenced by our own silence.

Let me see if I still can,Utter my words the old-fashioned wayWrite my stories at the old deskSpeak my languageEat my own foodDrink when I wantSleep when I wantEngage any ideology for the heck of itLove until my limbs acheCry until morningWake up in the m...

Tales of Alfadur

The Bunyan Tree, Butterfly and the Traveler

When he was in the land of Indus, Alfadur lived inside a banyan tree in the form of a small butterfly. He never went searching for flowers and never wandered the land and glided on the breeze like ordinary butterflies. His only companion was the tree, the...

The Boy with One Eye

If someone calls you insane or dissident or strange, it is just that they are half blind

Once, a boy was asked by his mother, what he wanted to become in his life. He said—a writer. The mother laughed. But seeing the boy’s expressions firm and eyes in flames, she said; “Well, you sure, that is what you want to do? Writers are all insane. They...