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When I started college I was hit with a mind numbing depression that lasted several years and had to put my plans for world domination on hold. Once I managed to shake the depression by shear force of will I managed to get degrees in Physics and Engineering. Now that I am back on track, my plans for world domination are coming along nicely, the best part of the plan is the fact that nobody realizes that it is happening, MUHAHAHAHA! I have had my heart broken several times in my life but my motto is "Never give up, never say die!"

Loads and loads of various things.

Favorite Books
The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, Confederacy of Dunces, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Martian Chronicles, Dandelion Wine, Battlefield Earth, Any Discworld Book, From the Dust Returned,

Favorite Authors
Dumas, L. Frank Baum, Mark Twain, John Kennedy Toole, Ray Bradbury, L. Ron Hubbard (great author, lousy human being), Terry Pratchett, Dr. Seuss

Favorite Movies
The Blues Brothers

Favorite TV Shows
Elementary & Instinct.

Favorite Music
Anything by the Tubes
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I had a bit of a debate on Reddit a few weeks ago with a high school physics teacher that stated his students have to solve the problem the way he showed them how to solve the problem. I stated I liked showing students that there may be easier methods to...

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The Baby Races

Harm came to no babies in this story.

The actions of this story took place on Easter of 1988. I was attending The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. My oldest brother Tony, his wife and his one-year-old son, John, lived in Columbus and I had caught a ride with them to our parents’ home...

You may not be gorgeous or famous, You may be a huge ignoramous, If this is so, Then I'll let you know, You look like you came from Uranus!