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“Detective Boyle? The forensics team is here. They’re outside examining the scene now. Coroner is on their way.” The detective stood looking aside in the living room and nodded. “God, I hate days like this,” the officer sighed, then headed to the front do...

Angela's Bust

Angela likes playing games but, when she plays with murder, the stakes could not be higher.

Bishop’s Lounge was busy and loud and blue with smoke. I sat by myself back in a dark corner booth, contributing my share of smoke and watching Angela. She had come in with a group of work friends and they sat at one of the tables chattering and drinking...

Mary's Lost Little Lamb

Jack Vine of Jack and the beanstalk is all grown up and a PI at that.

From The Files Of Jack And The Giant Private Investigators Case 12: Mary’s lost little lamb “Mary had a little lamb; its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went that lamb was sure to go.” Now we've all heard this nursery rhyme before, but...

The Neutral

Dirmac Nor is the Neutral, a natural psycho-detective, in his first space adventure.

The NeutralBy Matt Chatelain Published by Matt Chatelain Copyright 2012 by Matt Chatelain This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actua...

Battered to Death

Be careful who you invite for Dinner

As I walked towards the precisely laid dining table, I encountered a young lady suffering from two painful boils that had arisen upon her buttocks…….. She smiled and served the dinner. Later I noted the two enormous melons she was carrying, wondering if t...

“Holy shit!” Mac exclaimed, his mouth hanging open. I stalked out sexily. I had practised for a few hours to try to walk in my new strappy black slutellos (my new word for slutty stilettos). I looked damned good. Sherry and I had spent two hours of shoppi...

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How many miles to Babylon? Chapter One

This is a work in progress. I'm slow. I will appreciate any suggestions.

There were still twenty days to go till Christmas, but everybody was celebrating. After twelve years, ten months and nineteen days, prohibition was finally over. It was good news for the drunks, but hard luck for the people who ran the speaks, the people...

The Accidental Detective Part 2

Second part in the story- Lucy starts collecting clues and stumbles across a murder

'What did people do in the movies to lose someone following them?' I wondered. I envisioned a big car chase and a few flipped cars culminating with me half naked shooting a gun out of the window. Bloody overactive imagination! I resolved to stop watching...

The Accidental Detective Part 1

first attempt at a detective type story

I am dividing this into separate parts as it is quite longPresent Day: Whenever I imagined dying it was always in bed surrounded by my whole extended family (including imaginary children and grandchildren). Not getting whacked by some fat English man call...