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Breakfast Time - Short Short

Meet the Robinsons!

“I’m going out to get food for the baby,” she said. “Do you want anything?” It was clear she wanted him to go and if he didn’t, her feathers would be ruffled. Too bad, it was her turn. “I’m good,” he said, whistling a little tune. She gave him a beady-eye...

The Party's Over - Short Short

She left him with less than he bargained for.

Ironically, the last time I saw Emma was our Independence Day party. She was missing when the fireworks started, and I found her upstairs, packing.“Whats up?” I asked.“I’m leaving until you figure yourself out,” she said. “You’re drunk all the time.”Rocke...

Of Blue Blood and Enchantment

The preppy and the witch.

Bradley Carlisle was a bully, but it wasn’t emotional or physical abuse that had made him this way. To the contrary, he’d been pampered and idolized all his life.After all, he was a Carlisle.It was said that his ancestors were among the elites of the elit...

The twisted adventures of one sick puppy.  The first time I went to Angela’s was four Saturdays ago. At work the day before, she had told Phil that she was going to stay home all weekend but she lied. She went out and got drunk. I waited outside her build...

The Hit

Poison the gangster and run.

Vince clenched my shirt collar and pulled me close. “This is not complicated,” he said, slipping the vial into my shirt pocket and giving it a friendly pat. “You dump this in his drink then get the hell out of there.”His face was in mine but my heart was...

Agnes and the Dealer

When Agnes gambles the stakes couldn't be higher.

There are moments in life that determine our fates. Call them crossroads or decisions, determinations or resolutions, the labels matter not. What matters is that a choice must be made, and the reverberations of that choice will be felt for the rest of our...