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A perfect butterfly. I have watched you for days in that lonely courtyard. No flowers. Why did you stay? At gloaming, I come to find you trapped in that spider's grip. I would have intervened but her poison was sunk deep into your back....

Fredrock 5 years ago

The Hit

Poison the gangster and run.

Vince clenched my shirt collar and pulled me close. “This is not complicated,” he said, slipping the vial into my shirt pocket and giving it a friendly pat. “You dump this in his drink then get the hell out of there.”His face was in mine but my he...

paulus 6 years ago

About a flower

A dear friend challenged me to write about a specific flower. Here goes...

Witch's thimbles, Dead man's bells Sound like words from ancient spells Bloody fingers, Lady's glove Witches tend to like the stuff Fairy fingers, Fairy caps Things from fairytales perhaps Everywhere an othe...