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adi_me 4 years ago

Friday The 13th

Yesterday was Thursday the 12th

Friday the 13th?! Other than a series of semi-scary movies (one through five actually terrified me once upon a time) today is just another day. Right? I don’t understand all the hokey “bad luck day” nonsense. I’d ask Google if my internet worked. It we...

The twisted adventures of one sick puppy.  The first time I went to Angela’s was four Saturdays ago. At work the day before, she had told Phil that she was going to stay home all weekend but she lied. She went out and got drunk....

Nox 6 years ago


I hope it's creepy enough

You know that feeling creeping up your spine? Cold, wet, shivering, like drinking brine? It makes you weak and buckles your knees, Filled with dread and trying to flee. Walk down the hall almost pitch black,

AlexH 8 years ago

To Write a Story

A rather dark story I wrote at 5am, after being up all night. It was a rough time.

To Write A Story Get up. Get out of bed. Get dressed. Brush teeth. Skip breakfast. Go to class. Pretend to care. Go home. Sleep. Eat dinner. Sleep. Get up. Get out of bed. Get dressed. Brush, brush, brush those teeth. Feel the pangs of hu...

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I took out the gun. I pointed it at Harry. “Don’t move,” I hissed. He looked straight down the barrel of the Glock 17 and whimpered. “I won’t,” he said softly. I pushed the barrel of the gun against his forehead, and pulled the trigge...

Daalmonette1980 10 years ago

If you go into the woods...

Be careful what you wish for

She wiped another tear from her face. Alone in the woods she let them fall freely. Her weeping soft but her pain felt harshly. Leaves filtered the sunlight that dappled the path. Tisha loved the fact no one and nothing else was here, but her. Tuck...