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I didn't draw my picture that is my Avatar, so I take NO CREDIT. I am nearly 17 years old (okay, not really) and ready for life! I love write poetry, and stories. My best works are often the ones I feel most self-conscious about, so while I value any criticism or feedback, please, no mean comments.

I have two siblings, Diana and Chris. Chris is my older brother and Diana my younger sister. My name is Isabelle, and the reason that my Avatar is Aphrodite is because I feel like I'm a lot like her... (please take that in the least conceited way possible.) I played her in a school play of the Greek myths way back in the 8th grade and I've been really excited to learn more about her. I too am into fashion and hair but I do have my talents! I am a bit of a math and science nerd... and I also write a lot about wars. I hate the ideas of wars but I always write about them. I haven't personally have anyone go through war but one of my favorite pictures from 1985 (I wasn't born yet) was of this Afghan woman with haunted eyes. Check it out here:

Reading, Writing, bicycling

Favorite Books
Harry Potter, Ender's Game, BrainJack

Favorite Authors
J.K. Rowling, Arthur C. Clark, Orson Scott Card, Brian Falkner

Favorite Movies
I am Number 4, Skyfall

Favorite Music
Anything BUT Rap
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Winding Road

This story is about my journey; it's not graphic. At all. It's about how I got from here to there.

I have had a lot of time to think. And I think about how I gave myself a scare, in a way. I alerted myself to reality. Even though at times it might have seemed like I was slowly dying, I think I was just making my way forwards. That's all we really do, I...

I told myself I wasn’t good enough. That was my first lie, I think. As if an A minus differed from an A Or a size 0 differed from a size 00. I don’t know when I started believing myself. I think I was fourteen. I told myself that whatever I did, I did it...

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The golden years are far from done But the blackness has set in And someone who once thought they had it won Is now immersed in sin. Black kohl lines lids of steel Silver shadow adorns one bloody eye Slate grey breaths turn Fate’s infamous wheel She used...