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Last Challenge of Jadek Prynn

The mysterious woman presented the mighty Battle Lord with a unique challenge

The huge man strode down the main road of Varan. His dark eyes glared as he looked around, watching for defenders. Battle Lord Jadek Prynn was taller than any of the other warriors fighting in the street. His heavyset body was a mass of muscles, scars, an...

The Warrior Princess. Chapter 5.

"The two unsuspecting hunters appeared just in front of me, so close I could hear them breathing."

The company rode steadily through the dark hours, pausing only briefly for sustenance and comfort. We were not troubled that night and we made good progress and as the darkness gave way to light on the third daybreak since setting out, the mood was good a...

The Warrior Princess Chapter 4.

"I do not think we are alone. I don't think our movements have passed unnoticed..."

I placed my left foot into the stirrup then, taking hold of Fleet-Foot's snow white mane and with my other hand on the saddle, bent my knee and pushed up, swinging my leg easily over his back, the loose material of my dress spreading out over the saddle....

Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 23

Her imagination flared as she saw herself embraced by Murdock, their bodies sliding together.

Sive watched as Fido and his co mutineers were lead off the bridge.She was hoping she could slip away and take a shower. The past few hours had left her feeling dirty and slightly sick to her stomach! She was hot sweaty and could still taste Fido in her m...

Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 22

Sive stuck her head out the open panel with stun gun in hand and shot Darla.

Smithe fell to the floor, suddenly going limp. Darla's breathing started to slow. Blinking in puzzelment, she stared at his still form. "After all that time wanting me, is that all there is?" She thought to herself as she bent over the unconscious man. Sh...

My hands shake while I write this and I doubt if at all I'll be able to justify his battle with life, on my paper. Connaught Place couldn't have been a better place on New Year's Eve if he hadn't been there.Cold breeze and temperature around 6°C, he sat f...

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Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 20

Sive lifted her chin as she gazed up at Murdock, with snarl she replied “Treacherous scum!”

In the Captain's quarters, Sive continued to poke around the Captain's things thinking, “Yes, very nice quarters Captain. Too bad I can't hide here until we docked at some planet where I could slip away.” Sive ordered herself a cup of java with lots of cr...

Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 18

"Ye'll meet the rope's end for this me Bucko!" as he ran out of the room holding his ass.

The door to the mess hall opened and in walked three of Murdock’s crew, they had had enough of searching and now were feeling hungry.While two took a table and sat down, one walked up to the counter wondering what was today's grub,"Grim, Smiley be any of...

Celebrity Deathmatch: Einstein vs Darwin

Einstein. Darwin. Who’s the bestest scientist of them all? Join us for the ultimate smackdown!

Happy Darwin Day, folks!On this day, 217 years ago, one Charles Darwin was born. You may have heard of him. He wrote this little book that totally changed the way we approach biology and even the way we see the world, and spent decades championing the not...

Through The Ages - chapter 4

“Korinna.... I will keep our little secret but want something more in return.”

Both Nikos and Kori stood staring at each other until Aunt Mia who was holding the plate of food gazed back and forth with a puzzled expression on her face,“Is there something wrong? You two are acting rather odd.”At that statement, Kori came alive replyi...