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Over 90 days ago
New Zealand


I'm a crazy little bunny that hip hops from story to story, almost never completing a single story. I'm very fond of one shots -one shot thoughts written down, not really a story, but more of a contemplation-

Photography, Horse Riding, Outdoor Activities, Swimming at the beach, Lazing in the Sun, listening and jumping around to some very good rock music

Favorite Books
Dark Horses, Into the Wild, Born Free, Sunday Dog, The Valley Foal, Twight Series, The Bird Hospital, Nurses and Nursing, Horses and everything about them

Favorite Authors
Can't think right now, will update later!

Favorite Movies
The Hangover, The Simpsons Movie, Saw Series, Slumdog Millionaire, Old Dogs

Favorite Music
A.F.I, Disturbed, Paramore, Blink 182, Alexsisonfire, Evanescence, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Owl City
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Hope keeps us alive, running on...

Hope. Hope really was a wonderful thing; it could keep even the most browbeaten spirit up and running for hours, just to get to that warm golden glow at the end of the tunnel. Hope is a delicate balance of trust, persuasion of one’s self and pure, untaint...