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In dream, my skin has been charred soot-black, not all over my body, but on my arms, my legs, my penis, my chest. In dream, I only notice the burns if my eye happens to fall upon that area of skin. There is no pain. No pain, but a deep, shuddering fright...

The Two O'Clock

“Stay your hand, kind sir, I implore you! I am your 2:00 o’clock client.

Professor Bartholomew Hartfeld sat in a tall leather-backed chair behind a dark mahogany desk. He looked irritably at the clock on the wall opposite his desk. His 2:00 pm was late. He flicked the button on the intercom. “Has my two o’clock called to say h...


Into the Darkness, Into the Light

What do you do when it all becomes too much

Dana looked down at the blood on her wrist; the thick red line followed a path slowly down the inside of her arm. She lifted her arm, the thick red line mesmerised her, every slow advancement of it taking her back in time. She was happy once she thought,...

The world around,bustle and noise.People running,never slowing.You are taught,smile and press on.Day to weeks,then turns to years.One's darkness slowly creeps,as the drapes drop down.O it may be high noon,but darkness feasts.All around people hurry,will b...


TRIGGER WARNING The following contains information about assault, violence, suicide and bodily harm

The small drops of blood had now dried up from my wounds as I lay down on the cold floor of our basement. It had been over an hour now and I was tired from all the crying.  The pain was unbearable and yet this wasn't even the worst.  There had been worse...

The bite of the blade shocked her, as it pierced her tender pale flesh. Hesitation had always ruled this moment, as small droplets of blood beaded across her skin. Tonight, she knew her conviction had wavered for the last time. Darkness had long feasted o...



In the black ball of the sky the weary moon tries to outdo the stars, but it is too much for the ancient fool! The haystacks, like sliced hot dogs sauced in black, blend into the deep grey night, and are recklessly in denial. The wind, though icy, coddles...

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Lover's Death Pact

We'll be together forever (Inspired by my cover art)

Our families don't want us together I love you with all my heart In death, we can be eternal lovers We must now depart Our death will be very quick We'll die instantly Other's will think we were sick I love you unconditionally We'll kiss until our dying b...

The Turn Around

“No matter how long the winter; spring is sure to follow”

After her 20th pill, the water tasted bitter and she gagged involuntarily. She wanted to pee now, having drunk at least three glasses of water. Whether it was the anti-depressants taking effect or just the numbness which had enveloped her; she didn’t know...


I felt the chill in the wind as I walked. I couldn’t bear the pain, my feelings always pondered towards her. The medications didn’t work, nothing really worked. Every cut I made on my arm before sleeping every night just sufficed for that day’s night. I f...

Slipping Sideways: Chapter 2

Roger Parsons is dragged into a web of lies and secrets that all lead back to his sister's suicide.

I called 911. When they arrived, they told me she was dead. They took the body away.After asking where my parents were, they made me call my best friend's mom, telling her to stay with me until my parents got off their flight. Then they left.Mrs. Crothers...