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“Don’t wait up for me,” mom said, slamming the door behind her before she could finish her sentence, her voice muffled from the other side.I sighed and grabbed the bag of popcorn from the microwave, the corners hot on my fingers. Muttering...

Brookell 11 months ago

The Queen Mother

She planned well for the future.

The Queen Mother sat quietly as her daughter, the newly crowned monarch, presided over her first meeting of Parliament. She remembered her own first time, following the death of her husband the King. She knew her daughter was nervous, but also saw that...

redwriter 1 year ago

First Date Set-Up

Teenage girl questions her father about the early onset of romance

"Dad. how did you ask my mother for a first date?” I looked across the small self-laid patio at my daughter, Linda, sitting on the camping chair, regarding me with her mother’s deep brown eyes. At fourteen-years-old pushing fifteen, she...

My hands are large, and yours are small I forget sometimes, how unsure they are In a home for adults, you make your way There are times I get angry, when you spill drink on the floor Sometimes I’m impatient, when your strides don’t match mi...

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Where has the time gone You seem to change dailyGrowing faster each yearMy forever babyMy precious little girlWho no longer wears bowsIt's time for pink or red lipstickWith matching toesDresses and legg...

On Her Own

It is 'new student' orientation, after all, not 'new student and chaperone'...

"This tour guide doesn't know what he's talking about. You don't need to go all the way to the student union for lunch — the coffee shop at the library is better, faster and cheaper than the cafeteria. The selection isn't quite as wide, but..."

chatterbox 5 years ago

The Englishman

A young woman learns about discrimination.

"I'm eighteen years old and should be able to make up my own mind." Margaret stood in front of her mirror speaking out loud to herself. "If I knew what I wanted I might be able to do just that." The reflection gazing back at her was that of a...