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Gardening Stories


I have several secrets for growing large pumpkins. The basic essentials are good, like water, cultivated soil, manure or other nutrients in the dirt. Luck has a bit to do with it, no late freezes, no unkind weather. I don't let more than one pumpkin grow...

Ancient Sunlight

While planting daffodils looking at the ancient sun and thinking about the first seeds

Yesterday, planting daffodils and tulips in the new bed I made, lining tree trunks from the pine and spruce that once grew taller than my house, old warriors, now fallen so that I could have more sunlight in my life, more color all around me, taking what...

Wonder Worm

Dont you go chopping those worms in half!

I had a pet worm that pulled out my weeds, he filled his long pockets with vegetable seeds. He’d plant them in rows and I’d water them in, then he’d slither back home to my old compost bin. He grew carrots and marrows as big as a car, I’d feed him with ho...

'A' is for Aphid

Pesky blackfly eating my home grown produce!

‘A’ is for Aphid Aaron Aphid and his brother Pete wouldn’t eat vegetables, their preference was meat Squashed hedgehog, old bones, or even a worm, the thought of fresh beans just made them squirm. Swarms of blackfly flew over their heads heading for the g...