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The darkness The silence The breeze next to my ears I let go of my fears My eyes can see My eyes are a leaky sea Of salty tears Looking for a Moses, to part my sea No fish Just my fish Oh, how I can be selfish To get my wish The people I have ripped apart...

I guess it will beA waste of good moneyTo buy you those rosesThey will wither awayYou'll never come back to meSo I'll just leave themAnd I'll buy me a bottleSo the ghosts will not stayAnd maybe I'll sleepOnce that I've seen the bottomAnd just maybe those...


All kinds of feelings

I sit here and wonder what mood you'll be in today, It's exhausting trying to figure it out.Will it be a happy day? Or will it be gray?I try to be happy and not pout.I always feel so tense and always on defense,I give all myself to you.Of course, this is...

My Demon

one more demon from my past

There's a demon waiting in the darkTo drag me down the pitOf desperation and despairHe's there, I'm sure of it. He sits there, hiding out of sightBut I can feel he's near.He waits for me to drop my guard,To feed upon my fear. To feast upon that shred of h...


from my darker past

I wish I had a button, to stop my aching brain, Not shut down altogether, but halt to ease the pain. If I could just stop thinking, for just one single night, I might re-find the power, to climb back to the light. I wish I had a button, to silence all aro...

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Love can really hurt sometimes

note: I wrote this poem when I was really down. Don't worry about me however, I didn't take that final step and I won't. You have my heart, you are my heartAll I am now is painAs if where love residedNow only knives remain When you walked out of my lifeMy...

Three Uses of the 'F' Word

After suffering years of racial abuse, I surmised that I'd be better off dead, so planned my suicide

Three uses of the 'F' word Downward looking I faced the floor, I'd really had enough I couldn't take any more. Colour of my skin was "colouring" my life. I decided that day I'd take my life. Not a decision taken lightly, I'd thought on it daily, my life t...

Rewind Time (Darkness)

Kind of a little dark.

Rewind time. I climb,The tree of life,Clambering,Longing to reach the top.I keep falling,Like Alice.Can't find my footing,Like Bambi.I keep crashing to rock bottom. Photographs frozen,Still memories,Of pain,Of good times,Of bad.Almost atop,But I slip agai...

Always second,Never first.Always wrong,Never right.Always sad,Never happy.Always ignored,Never acknowledged.Always pushed,Never pulled.Always heard,Never listened.Always existing,Never living.Always there,Never here.Always forgotten,Never remembered.Alway...