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Anxiety Girl!

Able to jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound!

Someone, somewhere, asked, "What is anxiety to you?" These were my thoughts.To me, a small snapshot of anxiety is... Catastrophising. Conflict. Crisis. Delusion. Doubt. Fear. Insecurity. Overthinking. Paralysis. Stress. Worry. It's never been the way othe...

The darkness The silence The breeze next to my ears I let go of my fears My eyes can see My eyes are a leaky sea Of salty tears Looking for a Moses, to part my sea No fish Just my fish Oh, how I can be selfish To get my wish The people I have ripped apart...


Just some thoughts. Stroking my beard and all that.

Magnetism. It really is inexplicable. I seem to be drawn to the word "inexplicable". It's a good word. Being drawn, magnetised, to someone is a funny thing. One day, you could be walking down the street minding your own affairs, like Alex Harvey sang, and...