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I read, I write and I pine for my lost love...

My country, my family...

Favorite Books
Too many to list here

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Favorite Movies
Horror, Real Crime, Action, Psychological Thrillers, SOME Erotica...

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Country and Old Time Rock and Roll
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Freedom Is Never Free

So the fallen are never forgotten!

My eyes are gritty, my body sore. I cannot believe I’m in the Marine Corps. I plan each day to do my best. My uniforms neat, but man I need rest. I follow instructions and orders all day. I never talk back, although that’s my way. Above and beyond, I am w...

My Cowboy Angel

True Love Waits!

Cowboy hat is a halo Heart is open wide He may not have wings But his shoulders are so wide My picky horse just loves him I’m happy by his side. Eyes are the windows to his soul. And I see myself inside. The likes of me can wish. He’s the answer to my pra...