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childhood memory

The Traveling Soul

Two souls connect without the restraints of context.

Is one's essence defined by the age of the body, their culture, economic status, or gender? What are we without the context of time, gender, and culture? Tara's mother underwent a metamorphosis. Mildred wore different costumes of the mind. Each costume wa...

Fires In The Field

In which Bear shows Girl things she hasn't seen since she was a child.

~~~~~~~~~~ Bear chuckled. “And that’s how I get my supplies.” He sat back and looked at the Girl, waiting for a reaction. She giggled, then looked thoughtful. “But how do you get the money to order stuff?” ' ”That,” Bear said, “is another story for anothe...

The Fallen

Just a simple tribute.

Sitting in the church pew lost in thought, listening to the Veteran speak of his friends that had gone before him. My mind wanders back to a simple time of Flags, parades, and trips to the cemetery.Every year my little sister and I would save our weekly a...