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Patriotism Stories


It's Just a Flag

It's just fiction, and in no way designed to insult or hurt anyone.

“It’s just a piece of material, what’s the big fuss?” That line right there just incited a riot. A huge debate happened first, of course. “It’s not the flag, it’s what it represents!” said one man. “It’s our freedom!” said an elderly woman. “How dare you...

Freedom Is Never Free

So the fallen are never forgotten!

My eyes are gritty, my body sore. I cannot believe I’m in the Marine Corps. I plan each day to do my best. My uniforms neat, but man I need rest. I follow instructions and orders all day. I never talk back, although that’s my way. Above and beyond, I am w...

Nationalistic Pride

It's conscious and admiration of Patriotism

  Black, Green and Gold Are the colours I adore Excuse my ignorance If I don’t like the representation Of political colours But just my nationalistic pride I really don’t pick side I am just a Jamaican Who stands For the very essence Of my nationality I t...