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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


Wales Uk . I love to walk in the countryside near my home, The mountains , waterfalls , woodlands and seasons are my inspiration.

I have many interests: Writing, reading and cooking. I like to paint and I own a small woodland which I manage for conservation.

Having four Grandchildren I like to write for children.
I have two small dogs . A Westie called Molly and a Scottish Terrier called Flora who keep me busy.

Favorite Books
Woman In The Mists. By Farley Mowat.
Ice Bound.
I have forgotten the others!

Favorite Authors
My brother , of course!

Favorite Movies
Gone with the wind. Titanic. Ghost. Dances with wolves. It`s a wonderful life. Sleepless in Seattle. Last of the Mohicans.
Too many more to mention.
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Jenny's Story... Part Two

Jenny tells the story of her mentally abusive husband

I am alone and when alone I think... Why does he treat me so cruelly? He never compliments me...He puts me down. We went to his friend's wedding four years ago now, and we found ourselves seated at a round table with strangers. He leaned across the table...

Cieren Of Glaslyn Wood

Cieren has to reach Glaslyn Wood.

Cieren Of Glaslyn Wood Cieren had to cross the deep ditch to reach the safety of Glaslyn Wood. Cieren felt very tired and hungry. Luckily it had been raining and the worms were not far from the surface of the ground. Cieren could smell them. His mouth wat...

Gabriel, the Church Mouse

Gabriel ... A mouse who lives in a church.

Gabriel was a church mouse. He lived in the old church of St. Mark's in a village in England. His parents had died two years ago. It was tragic for Gabriel. He had been made an orphan by the church cat! Whiskers belonged to the vicar's wife. She had left...