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1 month ago


reading, writing and legal practice

Favorite Books
half of a yellow sun, to kill a mocking bird, drifters, angels and demons, rice mother, Claudius the god, the appeal, long walk to freedom.

Favorite Authors
Rani Manicka, John Grisham, Chimamanda Adichie, Sidney Sheldon, Salman Rushdie, Chinua Achebe, Dan Brown

Favorite Movies
pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the ring, inception, matrix, the day the earth stood still, I am legend,

Favorite Music
eminem, coldplay, linkin park, asa, bob marley, tupac, Nas, fort minor,
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I pick up my pen and paper to write, but my head is blank, empty of words. Blank like a clean lonely slate that will never know the pleasure of words written on it for company, empty like the hollowness of nothing. I feel like a soul still searching for p...

where is he?my friend, my hypnos, my nocturnal friend,who always came at night,and left at dawn like a vampire.every night I opened myself to him,and without fail he always came.I never had to go searching.I never had to shout out his n...

please, don't tell me your lies,for your lies no longer work.I can smell,the rotten stench of the lies,from your lips,stench no perfume can mask.broken, shattered and scattered,lies the charm,that once blinded me to your your lies,stripped of fal...