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Sleep Stories


The pain I have Please go away Let me rest Come again no more I wish to be clear Stop and let me be I am tired I need to sleep While I rest I will have peace When I awake will the pain be gone Then once again my life goes on Is the cancer taking over my b...


The Girl finds out how it is that no one has discovered a polar bear in the Rockies!

The Girl was exhausted by their deep discussion on the Nature of God, the universe, and reality. She was also recovering from what looked like a significant beating, which showed on her face, and the parts of her arms and legs that were visible. Bear was...


Third of three connecting stories that can also stand alone.

Insomnia ... I can’t get no sleep ... Can he who is haunted by his actions pass on such a haunting with one single final action? Total darkness, eyes open, disturbed by an unending plop ... plop ... plop ... all there is, and it is all around, an eternal...

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What can I do to make you stay?Don't leave me alone on this awful day;I fight back the tears as they start to flow;'cause no matter what, you're still going to go;Alone once again and no way to share;the pain of my loss, the load which I bear;Lord, hold m...

I wake in a cold sweat. The dream again. Will it never end, I ask myself. As I lay very still, my mind takes me back. Back some twenty-five years ago at the age of five. A small happy five-year-old. It had been raining and was a cold rain as it is now. I...

It often starts with a small soundMaybe a little putt, putt or a sighSome nights a freight train comes roundI'm tired and need sleep, but no, I cryI do have choices, move to another roomA pillow over my head, maybe earplugs tooIt's worse now that everythi...

I Just Want Sleep

I will sleep.

I am trying to sleep Perhaps I will weep Snivel into tissues About all of my issues Or maybe I will watch A DVD I love films you see I love comedy And action Love stories With lots of attraction Who knows Maybe I will Lay in my bed Sleepy sad thoughts In...