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A Ball of Yarn

What something new feels like...

Your world, a neat compact sphere of wool, rolling through this meaningless void. Gathering more and more material, making it denser. Each tightly woven piece of fabric, interlacing and constricting the form. A ball of pure habitual behavior. Years and de...

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The Blinking Line

The infinite battle of procrastinating.

C1…C2…C3… Cervical vertebrate pulling, bones dislodging. Snap! Like a fat leather boot stopping on a bag of Cheetos. Tongue out like a thirsty dog, panting as my eyes escape my skull. I enter an abysmal tunnel, closing in on me. I can hear bells, ringing...

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The Humming Bird and the Squirrel Cage

Pregnant and homeless, Ivy naigates the backalleys of Skid Row, Los Angeles.

Morning stiff air flowing through a heap of dense trash, segregating the bygone needles with broken glass pipes. Coiling and cycling by the strong gusts, a garbage and substance whirlwind, revolving the matter of excesses rubbish. Consuming in the wake, a...