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these walls defend the seed that growsas root and stem extend their throwsno angry mob, no crippling galecan cause the seedling spread to failthese walls allow the plant to thinkto find it's own internal syncto see the sky and see the groundand weave the...


For someone I used to love.

Sprinkling softly, the rain falls down to earth, like tears from the heavens. Ironic in this moment, as my own eyes start to well. I close my eyes and bite my lip, pushing back my feelings as a clap of thunder shakes the ground. My once-treasured thunders...


I think this one's more from a character's perspective than mine... stream-of-consciousness again...

hello from withoutplease don't poutwe'll be there soon we're just past the big spoonflying through ashthrowing a big ole bashand hoping he won't lash -out. his green eyesfail to see the points to my storyand all my lies  arefarfrominnocent I'm far from al...

Sleep, Oh beautiful sleep Let me rest softly For I am so tired Sleep, Oh beautiful sleep Sleep, Oh restful sleep Let me lie down Just one more time Sleep, Oh restful sleep Sleep, Oh warming sleep Let me retire now Under your thick green blanket Sleep, Oh...

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The Circle of Love

Love is a strange thing between two people. This explains my observations in my life about love.

In the 1990's, I worked for a small company that had a worldwide reputation for computer software excellence. I became the Manager of Software Support a few months after I started. It was a nice job but fraught with thankless problems if solved happily. P...

Finding You

For all of you who have made it into my life.. you know who you are.

I hung on the wall incomplete and forgotten. Collecting dust in a battered frame. My paint had long since faded, My past and my present always the same. Unnoticed I hung, As others walked by. With finer art around me, I never caught anyone’s eye. What was...


life, learning,

I’m that child. Born to him and her. Who grew too soon. Walked while others crawled. I’m that child. Who heard their words. And somehow knew. I’m that child. Whose pain came all too often. Who lived with rage. I’m that boy. Who dressed himself each mornin...

I'm Arnold Palmer

My compliments..

As a young man I loved to play golf. I scuffed around the course. Strong. Wild. Took pride in hitting the ball farther than others. Still do. Yet it took the wisdom and humor of an old timer one day after playing a round of golf with me to put things into...

One Bite

Surviving one day at a time

The old bear lumbered slowly along the tree line, his body tired and sore from the many battles that ensured his royalty. The sun barely warmed his exhausted soul anymore as he lay in the daylight between the branches. He closed his one good eye for the b...

Little Bird

A little bird's fragile heart is captured, but her songs are not enough

There was once a little bird and she lived free and explored the world. If someone offered her a crumb she would sing and fly for them to make them smile. Late one spring, she found someone who loved her songs and the shimmering sun on her wings so much h...