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Over 90 days ago
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Hi!.. If your reading this then you must have read one of my poems.. I never thought I would be able to write.. Thanks for stopping by..

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  One day we met We felt the connection Deeper, deeper, deeper It is a memory that has happened before A lesson needs to be learned for each of us We didn't understand  The lesson was to believe in each other Because you were broken you couldn't see me I...

 You were such a beautiful person So full of lifeYou were a mother, a sister, a friend You had a smile that was infectious As soon as you walked into a roomAll heads turned to look at youYou were so much more than just looksYour heart so full and giving O...

I had to let you goI liked you more than you will ever knowI told myself I wouldn't tell you and I didn't I acted like I didn't careThe last time I saw youYou acted like me and I acted like youYou listened when I spokeWas it all a game or just a jokeYou g...