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Writing, Sport, Reading, Music

Favorite Books
Gideon, The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, The Riftwar Saga

Favorite Authors
Stephen Donaldson, Raymond E Feist, Michael Connelly, Vince Flynn, Lee Child

Favorite Movies
Lord Of The Rings, Snatch, Pirates Of The Carribean

Favorite Music
Brand New, Blink 182, The Red Paintings
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The Pinnacle

A man desperately has somewhere to be, can he make it in time? What will it cost him?

That was a good session I thought as I put my boots in my bag. We couldn't lose this week! We couldn't let two lousy games in the past two weeks derail a relatively good season. I was the captain and there was no way I would allow us to lose, I'd pull the...


Two people come to the end of their lives, but can they find a new one?

They turned and looked at each other and both knew they were thinking the same thing. She put out her hand for him to take it into his. Then, together, they stepped off the ledge. He’d seen people like it before. On a seat in the street or a shopping cent...