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LousyNick 6 years ago

Future Fairy Tales: Goldilocks

In the future, fairy tales are going to get weird - here's a little preview.

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a beautiful little girl. And her eyes were sometimes blue and sometimes green, but her hair was always golden, and her friends (of which there were very many) called her Goldilocks. And Goldilocks was...

Bottoms Up An hourly clerk on a Friday at work, was the last place she wanted to be – putting up stock while the hands on the clock seemed to stick on a quarter-to-three. A typical day filled with minimum-pay, that would...

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Kari 9 years ago

Flying Through the Air

No doubt about it I was heading for the ditch at 110 km. per hour.

This story takes place at harvest time again. It was a time when our cell phone did not have great signal strength, as we are situated between two signal towers. It's better now but still not great.I was at home, and decided to give Ed a call...

ittakestime19 9 years ago

The Pinnacle

A man desperately has somewhere to be, can he make it in time? What will it cost him?

That was a good session I thought as I put my boots in my bag. We couldn't lose this week! We couldn't let two lousy games in the past two weeks derail a relatively good season. I was the captain and there was no way I would allow us to lose, I'd pull the...