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CuriousAnnie 1 week ago


Last Sunday was Father's Day down under

Hey, little one, don’t be coy, Take that alpha step, my boy. You’re luxuriating in my womb, Can’t stay, it’s not a catacomb. You do know what tomorrow is? I thought not; for that day is his. Didn’t think you’d bring a gift, Hopefully focused...

amyjayne 1 year ago

Our Daughter - The First Seven Months

Dedicated to our beautiful baby daughter

Our baby girls a blessing, she brightens up our day Except for when she’s crying, and doesn’t want to play   First time she rolled over, she chuckled with delight Shame she chose to do it, in the middle of the night   We thought it so exciting, we di...

tonyal 1 year ago

A Baby to Love

A baby is a special blessing

A baby to fill your hearts with joy Whether it may be a girl or boy    A baby for you to cuddle and love Little one sent to you from above    Bottles and diapers and so much more With little eyes you know you'll adore    Laughter and crying and sleep...

amyjayne 2 years ago

Can’t wait to meet our daughter

Dedicated to our unborn baby girl, I wrote this the day after our ultrasounds scan.

The miracle of sound waves Projected on a screen Create a blurry image Of the child I’ve never seen   The first time that I saw you My jaw dropped to the ground Our precious little baby Was sleeping safe and sound   I couldn’t even see your face To p...

sbyrne 3 years ago

Born Sleeping

Poem about loss

You were born with your eyes closed What colour they were, I’ll never know Your chest was still, but you felt warm Your face was beautiful, with skin so soft My tears were wet, they ran down my cheeks My sobs were loud, but no-one cared My heart was...

Wilful 4 years ago

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

How I wonder what you are...

````````She carefully surveys the sleeping street from behind the wheel of her royal-blue Honda Civic. It’s the perfect hide, parked among the other late-model cars lining both sides of the road. The modest houses beyond lay dormant. No flicker of te...

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Poetic_Justice 7 years ago

Daddy's Baby Girl

A Poem for my Baby Girl

I know that you're thirteen now,You're a beautiful young lady,Although we stand eye to eye,You'll forever be my baby,I know things are confusing,Our lives are upside down,Always keep reaching for the stars,With both feet on the ground,You're as beaut...

fallingdove 8 years ago


Chapters One through Four

ChapterOne: LoAnn Aroo and Her Son A young married couple live in a sod and clay house on the plains. The house is mostly underground. Wide stairs lead down to a wooden pocket door that is inset with thick colored glass panels. The roof is steep and...

TxPrincess 8 years ago

April 27, 2013

The birthday of an Angel

Today 60 years ago an Angel was born, Put on this earth for many to love and learn from, Many knew her in her short life, I however was given the privilege to call her Mom. She was Mom for only 10 years, She taught me to love, She taught me to give,...