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Promise Stories


Back Without Regret

Music takes him back over many years

That’s it. Breakfast dishes all cleared away. Cups neatly stacked, in the lower cupboard, Cereal bowls alongside with the plates. Now, why do I find something so menial satisfying? Oh, don’t I know the reason very well? It’s a form of security. Just like...

Today is going to be tough on me.  As I collect Marcie's clothes.  All of my local friends say its time.  Telling myself to donate to the less off. They will get her clothes and coats.   They asked if I needed friends to help.  But foolish me I said I'm g...

Today is going to be tough on me as I collect Marcie's clothes. All of my local friends say it's time, and I keep telling myself to donate so others will get needed clothes and coats. They asked if I needed friends to help, but foolish me said, "No, I'm g...

My pledge for you Today and all tomorrows I may not always know The words or how to say The feelings that I have for you That grow more each day I pledge in all honest I adore you And I promise that My baby My love is true So take my love darling Be very...

I slapped a man, he slapped me back,I don't know why; it was out of whack.He then asked me "got any smack?"So to him, I said "only got crack."I'm in a jail cell now,should have realised he was a cop,I'm such a silly cow,and now the judge, his gavel he wil...

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It has to be Fate

This was meant to happen

A couple meet at a bar by fate,They go on lots of amazing dates. They're two souls that just connect,Treating each other with lots of respect.Loving each other in so many ways,Seeing each other every single day.They're so attracted to each other,They make...

A Promise

This promise is not just for me, but for she.

I've tried this self employed lark,it has left me with barely a spark,my words, reader, I beg you mark,my voice, I'd like you to hark,this not working has to stop,my life right now, is utter plopp.I love my little Kitten,but feel as useless as a single mi...

Your Love

Distance does not matter where the heart is concerned.

I see the love you have for her, so honest and true;Your undying devotion is clear in the gentle words you say. Your heart and soul hold so much tender love,And your need to express it is genuine and pure. You love every part of her, for everything that s...

Even The Clocks Stopped

Honoring a promise is harder than we realise, but it is a necessary tool in the healing process.

The rickety old porch swing creaks under my weight as I rock myself gently to and fro. The sound comforts me as it rips harshly into the painful silence of the night. A nerve-numbing tingle spreading through me from the hard wooden slats reminds me of jus...