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Over 90 days ago
United States


I've been writing for awhile and never published so be nice, it takes a lot for me to do this, im shy.

I love everything, especially books, movies, Netflix, skateboarding, Disney, the ocean.

Favorite Authors
kresley cole, levana hyll, jk rowling, pc cast, zl arkadie, julianne mclean, simone elkeles, Melissa de la cruz, richelle mead, Christopher moore,

Favorite Movies
way too many...

Favorite TV Shows
jane the virgin, antm, izombie, finding carter, Sherlock, bobs burger, American dad, family guy, perry mason, miss marple, poirot, downton abbey, archer,gossip girls, princess sofia

Favorite Music
way too many
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Red Rose

What is a red rose?

Something simple Something pure Something peaceful It talks no more For all its history Written in blood Red roses are lovely The color of blood People adore them Why not? For roses are lovelies Drenched in blood People love people adore They give as a to...

Sirens song....

Roy was 13 years old when he found the last place he would ever see.

Roy Rogers used to live an average life with average money. He had an average family, no siblings, a mother and a father. Roy was 13 years old when he found the last place he would ever see. A week earlier: Roy was walking home from school, it was the lat...