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The vacant, old house at the end of the lane beckons me. They always do - the dilapidated and forgotten. There is an appeal others overlook. Unable to resist its quietness, I settle in, deciding to call this place home. The wind blows through the...

Del 11 months ago

I tilt my face toward the sky And welcome the rain Let it pour over the rage Sticking to my skin It pounds with my pulse, Wars outside and in Bathes me in the ferocity of  Storms   Blinding Deafening Obliterating  

Lavi stood in the cool dew-covered field. She loved the feel of the dampness on her toes. In this moment of meditation with the bird’s screams bouncing off her ears, she felt connected with the earth.  Soon the field would be stamped down; run over...

Wanderlust trips erratic rambles Blazes me forward without any thought Brooks effuse productive gurgles Splishing down the bump'ety walk   My soul is petted by the forest Soothing silence, natures' seductive caress Thought is washe...

MikeStone 2 years ago

City of Peace

What would he have thought of all the blood spilt in its name by those who would own it?

"City of Peace" (Raanana, January 12, 2018) On days like these with a high-noon sun Shining on a little courtyard, The bougainvillea silent for lack of breeze, I wonder whether David, the shephe...

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Welshdreamer42 3 years ago

Juno Beach - Now and Then

Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy. August 2018

  I sit on the beach, absently raking fingertips through the warm sand while listening to the cheerful clamour all around. My fellow holidaymakers laugh, squeal, shout to one another, their shrill cries mingling with the raucous shrieks of the gulls...

Anonymous 3 years ago

Spires of Holiness Burst beams through clouds Crisp air Refreshes my Soul   Harps and Lyres Gruntled melody through din Tympanic sound Refreshes my Soul   Incense and myrrh Invigorated scents through smoke Melded aro...

Anonymous 3 years ago

A very ill-tempered woman

Why should we get rage always? Why should we get rage with someone or something always?

Once upon a time, there was a very ill-tempered woman. She could rage over a silly little thing always. She understood that was wrong. She consulted a Zen Master for improvement one day.   The Zen Master led her into a room after he list...

The time will come for me to draw my final breath,A day which yet my faint hearted soul would deny,The day when I will have to take my last goodbye,To face alone the dreaded moment of my death,But in the midst of doubt a fla...

What is passion to youLove between husband and wifeTheir first lover's embraceA date they had to start this life.What is passion to meWalking hand and handDreaming of tomorrowKnowing it will be so grand...