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I guess I'd rather read stories than write. But once in a blue moon I get motivated and write something, or finish something I started a while back. Poetry and short stories interest me the most. Irony and humor are fun, but its nice to occasionally read something poignant. (But then I have to think).

Hiking, travel, being lazy.

Favorite Books
The Winter of Our Discontent, by John Steinbeck; Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift; Practice House by Laura McNeal; C. J. Box mysteries.

Favorite Authors
William Wordsworth, E.M. Forster, John Steinbeck

Favorite Movies
The Wizard of Oz
Groundhog Day
Once Upon a Time in the West

Favorite Music
My favorites vary from time to time. Tunes form the 70s and 80s that I have heard many times in the past, but never really paid attention to the lyrics. Todd Rundgren and 10CC to name a couple. ("Its just a silly phase I'm going through"). Lately more into Deep House music.
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January 16, 1989, Tomatlán, Mexico. I was sitting on the left side of a second-class bus two rows behind the driver. No one bothered to get off for the ten-minute stop in Tomatlán. The driver’s assistant stood at the front of the bus ready to collect tick...

The Wind River Range in western Wyoming is a backpacker’s paradise.  Six hundred miles of trails through rugged wilderness provide access to granite peaks, glaciers, clear lakes, rushing streams, and flower-filled meadows.  I became hooked on the Wind Riv...

He’s been waiting for this day to come for a very long time. Half his life. He’s spent countless hours over the years tracking her down.  She’s married to a wealthy man and lives on the coastline of Massachusetts. She’s a professor of Spanish at a small c...