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A Simple Act of Kindness

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I would just like to share with you my little act of kindness. Please, don’t fill the comments section with things like, “Oh Verity, you are such a lovely person.” Or, “I wish I was as good a human as you.” Comments like that only make me blush, and besides, I know I will get my reward in heaven.

Yesterday, I was at the checkout in my local Tesco supermarket. The queue was quite long and the frail old lady in front of me was having problems. The poor old dear had just realised that she did not have her purse with her. Apparently, from what I could hear her saying; she had picked up her pension in the morning and absentmindedly left it on the bus.

The queue behind us was growing impatient. She only had about ten small items in her basket. I probably spend more than her bill would have come to on a bottle of wine. I really felt sorry for her; she looked so sad and confused. After all, that could so easily be me one day. Nobody else appeared to want to help, so I stepped up. I gave her a smile as I lifted her basket, and helped her put all her items back on the shelves. Every little helps.

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