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Broken Wings

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Published 5 years ago
Competition Entry: Solstice
Standing here looking out at the frozen approaches to the islands in the channel nearby and it seems that most of my days lately have blended into a single theme. Just like that single road I have followed as the days turn into night. With there being times I have been standing quietly watching all passing me by, as the days just seem to be flowing by. Seeing the dawn’s dark light and having it feel as though it is too bright for me to see anything and reminds me that there are times when I can see clearly.

Looking around and trying to find those things I once had trapped in those finest silver strands that are slowly unwinding in that web between my fingers. Searching through those things that have been on and in my mind; asking myself for what I am doing here at times when the senses become overloaded and confound me in this beginning of the turning of the season from the Winter Solstice to Spring.

Many times I have found no friends standing out here where I stand, and I know in the back of my mind that they are there in spirit. Knowing I have seen and heard things that most people wouldn’t believe and that’s when just breathing feels all-right. Like having danced in the snow in front of the massive Tannhauser Gate, as well as heard the roar of a wave that sounded as if it could drown all it touched. Just like thunder has roared more than once without warning just before a hard rain fell. And I know that all of these moments will just be washed away sometime just like tears in the rain.

There have been reasons I have travelled on and know that there is no really good reason to sit and wonder why, and to think twice would be just to second guess myself here on the dark side of the road. Some have considered me a homeless hobo without family or friends and don’t know I have picked what The Captain called a Mangy Motley crew as a form of culture. And they think that my life will end when another man’s begins.

It is said that most heroes aren’t made to survive and though I may not be magnificent I have qualified in the Captain’s eyes to wear that title. Though there have been times when I have felt I don’t need this life, and haven’t fallen yet out here on those fields that have turned brown and are now covered in ice and snow. And have learned that the only thing I never want to have happen and that is to make you bleed and still there are many stories to be told, as I walk in time to the tolling of the bells for whom I know not they toll for.

Having had a touch of Hell and a taste of the strange as I make my way down the line, and sat and played many times against the Devil with a losing hand that I have sat and tried to bluff my way through and still I wish I had been able to give you a hand when the darkness falls. And so most of you kind ladies and gentleman as I ask you not to get up as I pass through; I ask and warn you all to stay free from all the petty jealousies, live by your own code and not someone else’s. And most of all I ask that you hold your judgment(s), for just yourselves.

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