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Published 9 years ago
The walls are corroding,
there are no mirrors
no goddamn reflections
no hint of color--or is it too much color--
everything is white, blank, bare, barren, empty, pale, plain, unfilled, unmarked, untouched, unused, vacant, vacuous, virgin, virginal, void, white
She didn't like how it felt in there, so she left; but me, I was trapped.

It's colder in here than it is outside
in January on a iced out sleety day with nothing to do but shovel it all away;
nothing to do but put in your weight
nothing to look at but throw out your back
snow isn't enjoyed here, that was in the past, so she left; but me, I was trapped

It never stops raining, and no that doesn't mean things never stop growing
it just means things keep swelling and start overflowing
until our bodies sink and water seeps in
she didnt like getting wet, so she left; but me I was trapped

I mean, all that notwithstanding, can you really blame the girl?

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