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Yourself Stories


You have you

You don't need anyone to fix you, you can do it yourself.

Was I never enough?   I know I have given my all I have loved you more than I could ever love myself I have given you all there is to me But still, you have left me Alone, broken and irreparable   It’s incomprehensible, You’ve loved someone, but they don’...

Being Yourself

Never be afraid of being yourself or changing

I wonder why some people are so shy?I am one of them I admitI know why I am shyBut people may take my shyness as being rudeSome people judge me because I am quietOthers ignore me insteadIt doesn't matter because I have learned you can changeLittle by litt...

The walls are corroding, there are no mirrors no goddamn reflectionsno hint of color--or is it too much color--everything is white, blank, bare, barren, empty, pale, plain, unfilled, unmarked, untouched, unused, vacant, vacuous, virgin, virginal, void, wh...