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A Rambling, Roaming, Musing thing

"1) Open an AbiWord document and start typing. 2) Submit the results 3) ???? 4) Profit."
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Sometimes I wonder what age people think I am. I mean, I know I don’t act like I’m 29, but I am, sadly. I’m 29 and still get asked for ID. Even for fag papers. Okay, so I don’t buy them any more because I’ve given up smoking, but over the past year, I have for friends who still smoke.

It’s kinda sad, but I was always know as the one who had the perpetual fag in his gob. I love how British that sentence is.

Anyway, what age would you say I am? Just going on my profile (but paying absolutely no attention to the age field) and my stories. Granted, some of you haven’t heard me (crying bloody shame, that is; I’m told my voice is really good. I don’t hear it.)

Bleh, enough about me. That’s not what this musing is about. I mean, it started that way, but you know my musings, unless you don’t, then I give you leave to read the rest! After this one. I’ve been drinking penis wine. Oh, okay, it’s called “Valdepeñas”, but gimmie creative something-or-other. It’s probably pronounced “val de peneas”, but it’s close enough to penis, so I’ll say it.

I’m decent at languages. I don’t know if it’s because I have somewhat of a musical ear, or that I just like them, but sometimes I can pick up bits and parts. I think my mum is better though. She translated a passage of Spanish to English from her knowledge of French. It sounds mind-boggling, but basically, the languages are pretty similar. I’m not sure how Europeans (or linguists) would feel about me saying this, but I think most European languages are pretty similar.

Of course, they should agree with me. Let’s take German and English, for example. Apart from some wonky pronunciations on both parts, they are pretty similar. I’ve got very little knowledge of German, I must admit, but since I’ve been talking with Aria about it, I’ve picked up a little. English being derived from Germanic, they obviously share some shit in common, especially the ch sound - a kinda strangled sound, like the sound Dracula makes when he encounters sunlight, or at the end of ”loch”. More, too, but I’m too lazy to give examples.

My favourite language is love. I’ll try to skirt around it a bit, but it’s one of those things that everyone understands, even if they feel they don’t have it.

Okay, I’m taking a break from this to fiddle with a SATA cable, I’ll be back in a few...

Y’okay, I’m back. Ideas. I have a few. Ow! My eye burns. Chewing gum. Probably not a good idea when your senses are heightened. It’s menthol and eucalyptus and it buggering burns.

Aria sent me a photo tonight. She looks absolutely stunning. Gorgeous, beautiful, sexy. Her eyes were sparkling, her face lit up with a smile, her curves shining. Hey, I know if she reads this, she’ll blush really hard and probably spank me - or pus a spanking on my tab, but you know what? I wanna show my Kitten off to the world. She’s mine, she’s beautiful and I love her to bits.

And here I said I’d try not to discuss love too much. I can’t help it, I’m a mushy wee bugger.

I can’t wait to play Metal Gear Solid 4. I can’t believe I can’t wait to play Metal Gear Solid 4. It was hard to get into. That first bit, I won’t say in case you wanna play it, but it was pretty horrendous. I need a better controller though. The one I’ve got, it’s great and I love it, but the analogue stick keeps sticking. Whenever I push it downwards, it just sticks. I’ve tried taking it apart and cleaning the pot with switch cleaner (a potentiomenter is a type of switch, by the way), but it was to no avail. It’s still a decent controller, so I bear in mind about the sticky pot and just keep soldiering, which is a funny pun, of you know of MGS. Poor Solid (Old) Snake. Anyway, if I ever get this damned laptop sold, that shall be the third thing I buy. First and second shall be a screen for my new laptop and the brackets and bezel for it. Oh, that’s three things already, so the controller shall be the fourth thing.

I was snippy with a potential customer. He asked me how much I was selling the laptop for, so I told him, and then said that I’d already said that in the advert. He replied that he wasn’t buying it at that price, so I told him to stop wasting my time. I thought he’d read the advert, naturally, but his friend told him about it and left out the crucial detail for price. Stupid friend. Seriously, if you’re telling someone about something they may be interested in buying, tell them the damned price. Better yet, give them the link. Saves everyone’s time, doesn’t it?

Well, I think I’ve run out of things to muse and rant about, so I’ll end this here.

Tea, tea, I want some tea,
Lay-lay, I’m very lazy,
The end, this be,
Tea hee hee!

Y’okay! Ending it now.

Andrew =^.^=

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