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An Untitled Musing

My musings could be diaries, couldn't they?

So, I’ve got thousands of chats going, some music needs to be slung on and you know what? I’m happy. For the first time in ages, I’m happy. I don’t know if it’s because it was a good day today, or if it’s to do with the fact that I’ll be talking with a very special friend soon.

Today was pretty good. It was too fragging hot, but still was pretty good. I went to the shop and got a bargain. Of course, I should say that I actually woke up really late after a night of hardly any sleep. So, anyway, I went to the shop and bought an organiser for screws. It’s like a wee drawer unit and holds all my bits and bobs, perfect for Xbox fixage and stuff like that. After that, I had dinner, but couldn’t finish it, due to being too hot. Then after dinner, I went outside. This is odd and rather unusual for me.

For the past week, my brother has been building a footstool. He’s pretty damned good at it and I think he’ll be even better, as long as he keeps it up. He could make a career out of it, so that’s pretty amazing. Anyway, I went outside for no real reason, but I wound up helping my brother. I’ve to get him some square brackets tomorrow, so he can reinforce the legs, I can’t forget that.

I then went in, downloaded some crap for my phone, watched Big Brother, then Buffy, went upstairs, started chatting and listening to music and writing this.

For the past week, I’ve been downloading all sorts of files and doohickeys for my phone. You see, I’ve been wanting to install a new ROM on my phone. That’s basically the operating system, in this case, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). I’ve been backing up data left, right and centre: SMS, Chats, music, apps, just about everything. I’ve created update scripts for them so I don’t have to go reinstalling them manually, and I’ve just been having good clean headachy fun. I’ve not installed the new ROM yet, but I will do soon. The reason I’ve been wanting to install a new ROM is because of all the Vodafone branding on the phone. It’s horrible and slows it down something rotten. Plus, I’m on the Three network, so it’s getting confused. Sure, I know I can just disable Vodafone apps, but I want it to go back to stock and then that’ll solve all problems. Once that’s done, I plan to root the phone, which is basically the same as signing in to Windows as an admin, only you do it on Android. Having Superuser permissions (which is what Android calls it) is pretty good. You can do all sorts of things with it and override system processes.

There’s a risk of bricking the phone whilst rooting, but it’s pretty minimal. In all the time I’ve been fiddling about with Android phones, I’ve hardly ever come across a truly bricked phone. In case you didn’t know, bricking means to kill the phone to the point of no chance of resurrection. I’ve only ever come across one brick. Most Androids get sponged, rather than bricked.

Sponge? Yeah, funny term. Think of the qualities of a sponge: soft and squishy. So, when a phone is sponged, it means that the software has been, in short, arsed up. Fixing this is usually pretty easy. Just redo what you did to sponge it and then it’ll work. Easy as pie.

I’m enjoying singing just now. I dunno, I just feel like singing. Singing is nice, it releases endorphins and that makes ya feel good. So, yeah, even if I can’t sing very well, I’m still gonna do it because I like the feeling it gives me. Heh, nearly typed “gies me”.

“Gies”, that’s a Scottish word, by the way. Means gives, or give us, as in “gies a slice a yer pie”. Okay, that is kind of filthy sounding, ain’t it? It wasn’t supposed to, honest. I guess my mind is a little guttery tonight. Whoops, didn’t mean it to be.

I’ve got a wall. Funny, everyone has a wall. No, but it’s a wall that I write stuff on. It’s just a wee strip that was supposed to be painted, but never got done, so I just started writing all over. It starts with an illustration of a train, with the caption “train of thought” and ends with a quote from Aria “pain is painful”. Okay, so it’s one of those “well, that’s obvious” moments, but that’s what I liked about it. It made me giggle and that’s what I love.

Yeah, I’m going on about love again.

I love to giggle,
giggling is fun,
it’s a lifesaver,
it makes you happy.
Next time you feel down,
remember the words:
“don’t worry, be happy”.
It works most of the time.

That’s not even a poem is it? I don’t care, I just set it out like that because that’s how it looked good. That’s really all I ever do. I don’t really write poetry. Though, here’s a thing: I don’t think poetry is always supposed to be serious. Just because a poem doesn’t take itself seriously, does that give it any less merit? Look at the works of Edward Lear, Spike Milligan and countless other poets and folk much more talented (and decidedly deader, in those two cases) than me. My favourite Spike Milligan poem is Edser:

“There was a young soldier called Edser
When wanted was always in bed sir
One morning at one
They fired the gun
And Edser, in bed sir, was dead sir!”

Just because it doesn’t take itself seriously and has a joking tone, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a serious message. Often, people will joke about horrible things. It’s a coping mechanism. For Spike Milligan, it was and it helped him get through. He was still daft as a brush, but writing and acting silly was something that came naturally to him, so it was obvious that it would spill out into his writing, even if it was something serious.

Well, I’ve now run out of jabberings, so I shall end this now. I know, seems like a random place to end, but that’s how I am.

Now, excuse me, I’m going to get all excited again, nearly time for talking with that special one again.

My mouse pad doesn’t work properly. I think I killed it. Whoops.

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