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An Idea for a Short Story

Her long hair spread over my chest and smelled like … like … what was it? Who was she?

Sounds. Voices. Tingling. “I saw a twitch …” “… His eyelids are fluttering …” “How are we doing today Mr. Stavros? You gave us quite a scare, didn’t he Mrs. Stavros?” The young woman addressing him was dressed in a pale blue pajama holding a clipboard wit...

Painful Poetry

Self-loathing is fun!

The ideas are here,but so’s the pain,it’s making me feel rather wan.It’s not a perfect rhyme,but give me time.Why do poems have to rhyme?A poem doesn’t have to rhyme,just as long as it makes the readerspend time.Time is great, but waste it not. Rather, ma...

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Written in the break room waiting for the day to start.

Another day, more work.Tiredness looms around the corner,yet I do my duty. People buzz around,coming and going. Everyone has their own agenda,their own mission. Mine? To write poems. Data entry just fills a dull hole,but stories and poemsfill my soul. I w...

My New-ish Guitar

Me? I'm just a musing person, you can tell me by the way I write.

I bought a guitar on Friday. This is no ordinary, straight out-of-the-box, ready to play thing. Nope, it’s knackered. I bought a knackered guitar? Why the buggeration? Well, because I wanted the challenge of fixing it up. It has no electronics, no bridge,...

The Mountain, The Sea, The Hell, and The Heaven

A short collection of poems on adult ideas for anyone of any ages to delve into.

THE MOUNTAIN I am a mountain. I am massive, and I am immovable. I do not need to move, Because I am fine where I am. I let others walk over me, But it does not hurt me, Because my skin is so tough. Dust blows onto me, and stays for a while. Then it leaves...


Change has come, delightful embrace,

Deceitful sight, we are lost, out of place, Soulful nature, enfolded with beauty and grace, Eyes shut, breath deep… exhale, Change has come, delightful embrace, We are one, nature - Mother Earth.