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All around me are the views of familiar faces that seem to be going nowhere, and has me recalling the familiar places I left behind as tears seem to be a way to fill their glasses as they sit in the Old Man’s Bars and wait for the day they die the slow death they have chosen. Looking right through most of them and being very easy to file them in a convenient drawer much like an old library card catalogue. Now it seems as what were once new places are now just old worn out places with no tomorrow being different than today, with it being somewhat hard to take as I believe in what Dylan said about just wanting tomorrow to be better than today.

People running in circles as they sit and shoot their mouths off full of innuendo and gossip not caring on whom they pull into their web of lies. Making all into a form of a mad world with all their worn out faces and voices, and then question why I have no expression except for a chosen few, and I find it kind of funny as far as the absurdity goes and the same time it’s actually rather sad. There are times when the questions run too deep for them to understand and as they figure that assigning a tag or a label to ease their simple minds. Still, they can’t understand why I am continuing on my way down these old Highways 51, and 61 as the Tao dictates.

Coming from a world where I was dependable, cynical, sensible, and clinical, as I continued to make my way down the line. As they figure that all is in stride with what they think being so logical with their minds full of big ideas, images and their distorted facts they think are true. Which has me thinking they must have drained a deep cup of water taken from either those rivers of blindness or drunk deep from the whirlpool of lies nearby. Feeling at times that the heat is on as the pressure has risen in the recesses of my mind, and trying to stay above their actions, and still I know they don’t understand the law of the street and the justice that can and is meted out there which is usually honest that can make or break a person.

Seems there is an idiot wind blowing every time they move their mouths and has me wonder if they are related to those self-proclaimed saints quick to judge and find their “gospels” scrawled on the men’s room walls? Still, I can feel the fire and know the flames are burning higher through the night, which has me wondering if those last firetrucks from Hell will be passing by. They hurt all of those who are loved the best and then cover up the truth with lies, and trying to pull me in and not look out for you or those The Captain said were all of good character and are characters in and of themselves I would go down swinging for.

Life may be a test, and I have stood up and turned to face the dark light of the sun, and I know I could have turned tail and run with there being a thin line as fine as a razor’s edge between friend and foe, and love and hate. With there coming a time to rise up and know I need to follow what the shortest speech in the world says must be done. For if it is to be then it is up to me, and this might be my world with no surrender or retreat like that lone soldier who in the final act finally won the war after losing every battle.

Still, I have moments when I feel like I have woken up from daydreams of things and the way that they sometimes are, and now everything’s just a little bit upside down, and the wheels seem to have stopped. I know that one day their corrupt ways will silence and blind them and still now I continue moving past the vacuum of their eyes, and though I draw blanks with names, I know it is the start of realizing how lame they are and will soon not be remembered. As I head down the highways, down the tracks, and down the back roads tryin’ not to look back as I head on down the line and quite possibly to the borderline after all the violence, and double talk I know I am doin’ the walk of life. I might be just passing through like the Jack of Hearts, and I hope to warn you all before I finally pass on: To Stay free from petty jealousies, Live by no man’s code, and hold your judgment for yourself, Lest you wind up out here on this road. And judge not as ye shall be judged in kind with the measure you used to be used against you.

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