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Felicidad: Shadow(s) and Light

Felicidad: Shadow(s) and Light

Seldom does one of these nearly write themselves,
Like this one did, or one in 2002 that took ten minutes.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0…
Found there is a part of me that is a mystery, that has lain there undisturbed for the longest time, with all feeling and seeming to be like flowing water as it moves to the sea like an endless symphony in harmony. Hiding buried secrets like heartache in its depths or having them lie there buried deep in the hard ground...
Like those who lie forgotten in the earth or under the earth, patiently waiting, much like those undisturbed mysteries, with no words really left to say other than all were really very tense as I watched a lone hand raised to wave. When I heard someone speak your name as I passed by on my way, just like those thousand thoughts of the day.

As words passed by me as if they were in flight, that had me wondering as if the world had finally gone mad. Everything once was supposed to be either like a Hollywood dream or movie and all cast in the play as written. But, you aren't and haven’t ever been that romantic queen that was heard on that old crystal jukebox long ago, or the picture I had in that old dream, and not the way everything was supposed to be when it was all planned out... And instead became the way all was meant to be - according to how the Tao directed it to be - in harmony with all. Because my friend, you stand above all that and those ghosts living in the machine and those spiritual gypsies. For you are in my life, body, heart, and blood and in short, my soul and my reason to keep on keeping on.

The years might go and eventually fly by, but you deliver the courage to keep me above the madness, and all of my life I have looked for someone like you and not the old dream I once had, for you deliver loving and caring, and give me a way to guide and pull me through all with giving and sharing too, and knowing I just have to look to the skies... As you had me give to you some of that inner strength I carry, to use against the shadows and illusions that remain. Though a lifetime might feel or seem to be forever, the best one can hope for at times is a tolerable situation, and everybody needs someone to lean on and to have them close to be able to dream on down the line.

Even if push comes to shove, everything seems to work out and things become right by doing the best you can. By remembering that the best one can do is forgive and at times forget as we all have something to say, even if it’s wrong, and at times we ask the Father above to send down both help and guidance to keep faith and hope alive and find love... Having asked that you take me with you so I can see you take my hand as we head through collision and confusion together. To feel the strength of the soul and the faith that’s in the heart and to maybe see freedom in the air as one.

We have made our way through both the fire and rain, seeing hope shining like a beacon in the darkness, and taken steps to solve the mysteries and created our own poetry and symphonies as we head off on love’s adventure. There have been times when the strong can stumble and fall and I have found that I am always on and in your mind... We figured out somehow that we are meant to be and head down the road across the cold side of the mountains, and each day climb a little higher with each word that’s said drawing us closer as we talk about each day we have. And at times we find ourselves laughing at the silly little ways we have and always a great relief to see and hear you near. For both of us have longed to be side by side and not face to face now and forevermore.

There are things we haven’t worked out yet as we opt for compromise solution instead of zero option to work all out, and my life might be more than a quarter past, but I have finally found what I have been truly searching for all this time. This is my story to you and on each page you will see how much I care that I have written down to you in case I forget... One day will come and I might set down my pen to say it’s the end of writing it down and share all of life with you. And how much or little is known of the pain we have suffered as we take each moment of good fortune to give thanks? For there have been times we both seemed to have had angels watching over us, keeping those demons at bay, with both of us knowing that to touch is to heal and to hurt is to steal and knowing one must kneel to reach for the stars.

So leave trouble behind and ignore the rumble of that heart that’s in your chest and hold to your hopes and dreams, as you open your eyes in the sun’s dark morning light and feel that inner peace that comes rushing forth. And with you there at my side, I’m satisfied as we manage to provide peace to each other’s heart... Having felt you reach out in the night and felt you there next to me and knowing that I need you here with me, as I followed you in the dreaming as you walked those streets made of neon light and saw the shadows there.

Reaching out to touch you in the dream, wondering at times if you can hear me there crying in moments of pain? Asking you to tell me what happens if I capture you and your vision(s) of paradise and hold all your dreams and visions? And loving you with the core of my soul and will you walk with me across the abyss on that thin line if need be? You give me something I can hold and feel that’s real and your love makes me reach higher... Having seen you kick up the leaves and think the magic is lost, yet I see you working on a smile with laughing eyes. Both of us have been made to suffer and to weep when pain gets too deep, yet we pull and hold each other up, and we can be us and have nothing turn us away and be each other’s heroes forever and ever.

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