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Kings and Queens

"Yet another body parts story."

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Coming from within the kids' bathroom I heard the unmistakable sounds of children laughing, a pause, some low sounds that I could not quite make out from where I was, then the loud sound of laughter once more. Walking across the classroom, the low sounds became clearer, as a picture was painted as to what the children were doing in the bathroom when they were supposed to be getting changed after having some fun summer water play. 

Not being a creeper at all, I stood just outside the bathroom and eavesdropped on what was happening. 

"I'm King of the diddle!" I heard one of the older boys shout out. My God, I remember thinking with a laugh, does it ever stop? The few children in the bathroom that had gathered to get changed, laughed at this boy, who is so typically the class clown type. "KING OF THE DIDDLE!" he shouted again. 

"Okay, okay," I said, standing in the doorway, deciding enough was enough. "You've been in here for a long time, and you're still not changed, c'mon, let's get a move on before home time." 

Most of the children listened, upended their school bags and sorted through the spare clothes they had. The ringleader, however, had other plans. "But I'm King," he said. 

"I know," I replied. "I heard you, you're the King. But right now, the King needs to get changed before his dad arrives to take him home."

"KING OF THE DIDDLE!" he shouted once more. He then paused for a bit and a look of contemplation came across his four-year-old face. "Will my daddy be here soon?" he asked. 

"Yes, which is why we need to get changed and get ready to go home," I said. 

He thought some more as he started to sort through his spare changes of clothes. "My Daddy is King of the diddle too," he said. 

Oh, I bet he is, I thought to myself. 

"My mummy is Queen of the China." 

"The China?" I asked. 

"Yeah, the China," he repeated. 

It hadn't occurred to me what he meant I just thought he was being a bit silly and carrying on, as usual. He still certainly was laughing and having a merry old time. 

"The China?" I asked again, still not quite knowing what he meant. 

This time, when he said it, he changed his pronunciation slightly, so I knew for certain what he was going on about. "Queen of the 'gina." 

Queen of the gina, I thought. Oh, right, okay. At least I now knew what he was getting at. 


Written by LauraDanielle
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