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Long Distance Love

"Just some thoughts about how love blooms in the weirdest of ways."
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Published 6 years ago
Being in a long distance relationship is difficult. I hear people complaining about having to go to the shops for their beau, grumbling that the milk is in the wrong place in the fridge, laughing and holding hands together, and I want that. I’m envious of them because that’s all I want. I want the good, and the not-so-good.

I just want to snuggle with Aria or exchange a knowing look. It won’t happen any time soon, but it will happen. Every relationship is based in trust, but in a long-distance, that need for trust intensifies. If you’re truly soul mates, chances are that you’ll know roughly what your partner is doing, when they are doing it without being prompted by them. You go through the relationship with intrinsic trust. You have to believe that your person will not stray. You have to believe that you won’t stray. Sure, look at other people, and be attracted to them, that’s human nature. If we weren’t attracted to people, we wouldn’t even have friends. You can’t let things like envy or jealousy get to you.

The only real difference between a long-distance and a short-distance relationship, is... Well, distance. And yet, some people in a long-distance are psychically and psychologically closer to one another, than those in a short-distance. Just because you’re not face to face with someone, doesn’t mean there’s no connection. I’ve said this about friendships over the internet, and it’s no different with a romantic relationship. You do miss out on things like smell (for better or worse!) and touch, but you do have hope. You also learn the art of napping. Frequently, one or both of you is up late or early, so to compensate for lack of proper sleep, you nap whenever you can. There’s also the potential for some cool portmanteaux, like mornight - when it’s morning in one place and night in the other, but also time for bed, so you say good mornight.

Going back to the idea of hope, hope is powerful, and without it, you’d be doomed. For two years, I’ve gone through this with Aria, and you know what? I would change it, but only if it meant that we would actually be right there in front of one another. When people hear that we’ve been together for two years, they’re a little stunned. It’s difficult to be in a relationship face to face for that long, for some, but to be in a long-distance that long, is almost impossible, mostly because of the lack of touch or they can’t allow themselves to trust the other person. Well, bollocks to touch, I can touch myself and she can touch herself and we can touch ourselves together. Okay, so it isn’t the same as being touched, but when you feel such a huge connection with someone, it can sometimes feel like you’re touching one another. As for trust, I trust her with all my heart. There’s really nothing more to say on that one. Trust is a difficult one to describe. Sometimes you just don’t know why you trust someone, and sometimes you just don’t want to know. So, I trust Aria, and that’s all about it. I’ve never been given a reason not to trust her, so I’m going to keep trusting her.

I know when I meet her, I’m probably going to cry. I’ll be overcome with emotion, and for a while, it probably won’t feel real. When I call her the woman of my dreams, I mean it because I do dream about her.

I dream of a future,
I dream of hugs, kisses, everything in between,
I dream of happiness and love,
I, simply, dream of US, Kitty and Kitten
Andrew and Aria.

Andrew =^.^=

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