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long distance

Inches and Continents

You say good morning when it's midnight... I wake up to your sunset. -Jet Lag by Simple Plan

The song is on repeat. I look at the clock and see it reading 11:55 and do the math in my head. It's almost automatic now. I know that ten o'clock here is six o'clock there. The sun's probably up by now, if you can see it through the clouds. Scottish weat...


Apart but not separate

 I see you across the canyon, Unable to hold you tight. I can't help with your distress, Try as though I might. Feeling your hurt inside me, I reach out with my mind. Trying to make you hear me. Thoughts of ours in kind. I love you more than words, And ho...


The path of true love never runs smoothly...

Instant Messenger transactions recovered from hard drive of item #23 recovered from primary location search on 20/1/2009. BellotheBall says: Hey there – how r u? Didn't think you'd be online today? RocketScientist says: Hi – I'm good thanks – sorting out...