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Tell Tale Signs

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Every step of the way we walk the line and in most cases, we get what we deserve, as your days are numbered and so are mine. While time seems to be piling up as we seem to struggle and scrape with there being no place to escape to as we all feel like we are boxed in. With just more games to be played by them with their jukebox tears, and they seem to be lookin’ out at the cotton fields for some sort of dignity that passes them by like the shadows in the night. While I just continued on down the road and headed into the dark light of the midnight sun, where the warm winds blow under those turquoise skies. We all seem to make our way down with some falling as time passes and do you stare time right between the eyes? I know they will try to run you and me down till we can’t crawl anymore out where the vultures feed, as I bite the bullet and head into the valley of dry bone dreams ringed by sunburned earth and a desert full of bones.

There are times when I see red while the sky full of fire is pouring down pain, and is making me feel like the stranger nobody ever sees. I am not who they think I am and I don’t fit into their little boxes or have their labels apply, and there ain’t many individuals like me left, and I know most of them think me and those like me are drownin’ in poison with no future ahead of us and no past behind us. It might surprise them to know that I have nothing but affection for those who have sailed or traveled with me down the line for most of us were well met when they joined like that Mangy Motley Crew who are characters in their own right and are of good character.

Still, there are those times when I find myself looking to the skies in the midst of it all, and can feel those who have left and are now behind the sun and make everything all-right when things get interesting. Still, everyone seems to be moving, and I know the emptiness that most carry is endless, and is as cold as the clay that once made all of us and to which we will all return to one day. If I try to explain things, I will probably get it all wrong, and I know I won’t give in though there have been times when I have returned to the fold and time is just like a flicker of light, with there being things I won’t reveal. Still, I have people talking to me and all they say just burns holes in the air and though they might be said full of sound and fury their words signify nothing. So, they wonder why I keep walking and ain’t talking as I continue making my way down the line with those who decided to come with me and those who chose to stick with me.

Some of those I have called friend carry scars as I do as a form of souvenir as a reminder of what we have been through and where we have been that the sun’s dark light couldn’t or wouldn’t heal. There have been so many roads traveled that many would think are nothing but dead ends, as I wonder at times what it will take to finally reach my goal that the Tao has been directing me towards. As I ask those travelin' with me to hold on though things might seem to be unsteady at times in the lonely nights, with all coming through in black and white. Out here where the ways of nature will test every nerve, with nothing being given that isn’t deserved out here in the hills of mystery near the web of destiny.

There are times when I can’t wait, and it might be late as I continue to be walking down the line, and still, there might be people around on their way up and some of them headin’ down. Be it night or day it don’t matter anymore which it is, and I just continue to go where I am directed to. I wonder at times what would happen if you found your way to where I am heading to? It might be funny thinkin’ I could control myself but, that might not be true. Especially out here on these railroad tracks, back roads, and old highways and knowing that the end of time has finally begun. Which has me wondering how much of my lives I have left behind in bits and pieces with you and those characters I know as I made my way down the line? Which has had me thinkin’ I would always be spared that fate.

Then again, somethings last longer than we all think they should with no rhyme or reason and can’t ever be explained.

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Written by Shotgun011
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