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Time to Write!

Beware this musing, you may just enjoy it!

Well, I think it’s time I wrote something. I’ve been out of the writing game for a while. Really just writing silly stuff, not really enjoying it. I’m not sure why. I suppose it could have been a collaborative story series I did recently, but I think it was just the fact that I could not be bothered.

I still largely can’t be bothered, but I know that I have to, or I might just go insane. This is an unfortunate side effect of getting writing in your blood. See, you tend to write and then it gets in you, so you write some more and then it becomes something you do to cope and then if you stop for a while, even just to let your head readjust, you find that you just go a little bonkers, so yeah, writing needs to be done. For me at least.

This dog of mine, he’s so cute. He’s lying on the couch, snoring, chops flapping about, paws twitching. A big brindle splash on a black background. The wine I’m drinking is red and rather tasty.

I found myself wondering something the other day, but it can’t have been that interesting because I can’t remember. This musing is going nowhere, really.

Nowhere is it going,
Is it going nowhere?
Somewhere, shall it go?
I really don’t know!

I dunno, just fiddling about with words there. I hope I do well in the competition. That story was just one of those things that happened. I’d been fiddling about with an idea that I’ve had for years, but it wasn’t working. I tried rewriting it and then just gave up. A couple of days later, I woke up with an idea, so I thought about it, sent a message to my Kitten, had breakfast and a shower, then wrote it. I didn’t want to do too much, in case I lost the idea, so it was literally quickly eat, quickly shower, write fast as fuck, get the idea out.

Does that ever happen to you? You just get an idea and have to write it, no matter where you are? I love when that happens. It happens a lot, actually. Poems on buses, stories up trees, musings in supermarkets, everything everywhere. I love inspiration. Thank goodness I always have a phone with me, then I can take notes, or simply just write and post on the move.

So, yeah, I do hope you will read my competition entry. Of course, this musing isn’t just written to plug my story, but I might as well, you know? Plugging away.

Plugging plugging,
I’m not a muggin,
If I had a shovel,
I’d be duggin’!

That poem, it doesn’t really make sense. Nope, no sense for Andrew! Well, if you discount the fact that I have an HTC phone, which uses Sense launcher. Don’t get me started on Android. I love it! Actually, I’m not gonna talk about Android, or it’ll turn into a giant I-love-Android-fest. That ain’t fun. Or it might be, I dunno. Some people like geek speak.

I got a balloon on Halloween. I know, I’m a big kid. I love balloons though. They are a hell of a lot of fun to play with, batting them across the room, having races with them to see if you can beat them across the room. I’m 28 and still play with balloons, so sue me.

I’m listening to Eric Calderone playing his interpretation of music from Sonic the Hedgehog. That man sure can play. He’s definitely one of my guitar heroes. He really does justice to a lot of what he plays. If only I was that good. I’ll never be that good, it’s just a fact. At least I enjoy myself, that’s really all one can do. Even when writing, if you enjoy yourself, I say you’ve succeeded.

I think I’ve succeeded in getting to the end of this.

Ah, at the end I am!
I hope you enjoyed this,
I had no real plan,
Now, excuse me,
I’m off to eat flan.

Andrew =^.^=
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