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A Dream

"I am letting this dream pass me"
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Like all things I can’t hold, you are untouchable.
As if intangible to my touch, it can’t hold you like I wanted. Like how I wish to hold you in my arms and, 

Maybe, just maybe feel your warmth.

Like all things that are far away, you are unreachable.
As if you laid up with the stars, no matter how hard I try to reach up, to stretch my hands, I can’t.

I wish that you were mine. I wish that I lay there in the stars with you so I could reach you, but I do not.

Darling, you are too far-fetched.
My darling that lays at the zenith, so high I can’t reach, so far I can’t touch.
I wish I didn’t dream too much.
I wish that I didn’t cast my eyes to things that are far too bright for me.
Maybe, I won’t feel so little.
Maybe, I would not notice how non-luminous I was.
Darling, I don’t know how many are looking up to you.
I do not know how many of us have felt the same feeling or have been hurt upon realizations or how those who lay in the stars with you are too lucky and happy.
Know that, my darling, deep in my heart, it’s your happiness that matters and I am wishing you all the best that this world could offer.

My darling, I am letting this dream pass me.

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