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Over 90 days ago


It seems that I've been dumping hard-to-read stories and poems in my page--I apologize very sincerely. I was immature and that doesn't mean that I am no longer.

I love the idea of being reckless and happy-go-lucky and confident and free but I am honestly far from being a warrior of the wind.

I am but a person of science,
I am but a person free from the constraint of religion,
I am but a person of reason.

It's been two years since I graduated from college and it's been a year since the day I decided to live on my own. I am at the phase of glee and the adulthood war zone.


Favorite Books
The Alchemist
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Everything's Fcked Up: A book of Hope
Everything Dan Brown
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What would you do if you can suddenly have all your bad memories wiped out?

When you go through something painful, do you find yourself wishing it would go away? Do you pray at night wishing someone could either take the hurt or take you?   What if there exists a contraption that has the ability to wipe all bad memories.   Conven...

Yup, I am that girl

Yes, I am that girl

I lay there, thinking of what could have and what should have been, if only our world were a bit closer. If only, you could have been straighter. If only I, if only, I was a bit braver. I lay in my bed wistfully thinking how it would have been nice to get...

You have you

You don't need anyone to fix you, you can do it yourself.

Was I never enough?   I know I have given my all I have loved you more than I could ever love myself I have given you all there is to me But still, you have left me Alone, broken and irreparable   It’s incomprehensible, You’ve loved someone, but they don’...