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Letting go Stories

letting go

To Love ...Is to share the good and the bad,the joy and the sorrow,sad days and the glad;To Love ...Is to give again,to please and to pamper,such joy it will bring;To Love to forgivethe large and the small,instead of recall;To Love ...Is to lose som...

A Dream

I am letting this dream pass me

Like all things I can’t hold, you are untouchable. As if intangible to my touch, it can’t hold you like I wanted. Like how I wish to hold you in my arms and,  Maybe, just maybe feel your warmth. Like all things that are far away, you are unreachable. As i...

The Grave

Same old struggle.

I remember it so well, How I dug deep and hard.To bury you and your memories,Promising I’d finally let go. Yet time and time, I visit still,Sometimes, crying. Oftentimes, longing.Wishing and hoping too fervently,To be buried with you again.

I need to be freeSo this meLetting goThough you'll never knowMy soul burns for you A brilliant crimson hew In this life Full of strifeThat love is light Burning ever so brightEven though I am letting go

The brilliance of the light, reflecting freshly showered grass, is hypnotically intriguing. Blade by blade of subtle innateness, a dew drop now has passed. Comely daisies softly dancing, the breeze is singing its song. Mesmerizing the senses, the petricho...


Raising children means letting go bit by bit, but that's not always easy

Fifteen years now, time went fastChildhood almost in the pastAlmost woman, beauty tooImagine boys are chasing youTime is nearing, without doubtThat you're wanting to go outA scary thought, my little girlYour beauty shining like a pearlOut there where I ca...

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I Am Worth More

In dedication to my daughter

I will love you morethan you will ever know By the time you understand it I will have already decided to go I don't know how to not give my allI wouldn't change it for anything But it's usually the cause of my fall You miss me when I'm gone But I'm invisi...


written about my Ex who I had a very volatile relationship with

FUSIONIt's plain as day to all who seebut never have I ever felt this way.And for methere is a refusal to acceptthat which will free mebut,am I willing to lose everything for a promise of nothing?Never have I experiencedwhat ignites inside of mewith your...

Acceptance of your destruction

Trying to understand the desire to save those who destroy

Ego. Mine. Yours. I want it all to be the same. I want to tell you that I understand. Mine. Believes that it can see right thru. I can see your soul And I want to save you. You. Have pain you think you hide. Scream at the world for the wrong You believe i...


Upon my travels of many life times, I met a strange assortment of creatures, heard rumors of many more and known that either I knew them or they knew me. Very rarely would I come across an old soul that I never heard nor met before. This particular tale i...

Not Me

He won't get this... but this is for me anyway... it feels good to say goodbye.

Would you believe me? Would you believe me if I said, Young me-- oh so very young me, Loved you? You were my closest friend, All of elementary school, Helped me with fears of heights And the shit that was gym, Though you probably don't remember any of tha...